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As I think back over the years, one thing that constantly surfaces repeatedly are the times that I remember the most fondly are the times when I was barely making ends meet.  What I learned is that when the going gets tough, I was forced to get Back to Basics and to find ways to make things work with what you have, which might be next to nothing.

Learn to live in the moment. Be happy for today. It is the journey that counts. You never know when there will be no more todays to enjoy.  Make a point of looking up at the white puffy clouds and remember the days when you were young and you saw huge elephants or alligators or trains in those clouds.  Make a point of smelling fresh cut grass.  Take a step back from your daily rush to notice the lady bugs on leaves and birds that hop around.  Watch your kids as they grow up and be totally amazed at the fact that YOU created that child!

When you learn to use what you already have, rather than always wishing things were different or you had x, y, z, etc., you will be much happier and more satisfied with life.  Don’t get me wrong; it is very important to have goals and wishes and to always work toward those goals. My point in this Back to Basics section is to show you that there are many ways to enjoy life right now even when you are strapped for cash.

I feel very strongly that one of the most important tools that you should have in your toolbox of life is your sense of humor. When the going gets tough, a sense of humor will put a totally different light on things and you’ll be amazed at some of the ideas to resolve an issue or problem will pop up out of the clear blue.

  • I now make my own furniture polish that is much cheaper than that I can buy in a store, it also works even better, and is eco-friendly.
  • I discovered that making my own seasoning mixes such as taco seasoning, Salad Supreme, ranch dressing mix, etc., is not only much cheaper, but I also can control the sodium content, and has no additives.
  • I make my own sore throat remedies that work equally as good as those that I can purchase at the drugstore. The homemade remedy has no chemicals and is safer to ingest.
  • Make your own disinfectant to use in your kitchen counters. Doctors’ offices still use this. Why? Because it works.  Nicely for home use, it is also almost comically cheap!
  • Make your own drain cleaners that work just as good as those that you purchase and are not caustic and that cause headaches and sore throat.

I could go on and on about how much money you can save by taking things back to basics; however, I know that your time is equally as important to you as my time is to me.  Therefore, I am going to break these articles and recipes into bite sizes entries.

Check out some of these tips below to get you started enjoying the journey as you simultaneously work toward your goals.


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