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Learn How to Foil Gotchas!



If you think you are not getting caught in sales gimmicks, if you have ever gone into a store to get ONLY 1-2 items and ended up buying more items, then you need to learn how to foil gotchas and polish your skills.

Some tricks to be on the lookout for are:

  • Supermarkets that totally move sections of the store to other locations. That’s not by accident. Apparently their sales were dipping, so they had to change the routes that customers take in their stores.
  • Have you ever lifted the bright yellow sales tags that are posted by an item on “sale”?
  • If your answer is never, then you fall into the majority group of people who ‘assume’ that a “sales tag” means the item really is a good deal! That’s a “GOTCHA!” FYI: Many times, the price on the “sales tag” is exactly the same as the regular price!


  • Supermarkets that move products around
  • Have you ever lifted up a yellow sales tag and looked under it?
  • Have you ever noticed that there is always BRIGHT RED on a sales sign?
  • Have you gone to a supermarket because the sales price was so good; however, you ended up buying more items?
  • Do yourself a favor and find out the store policy
  • Have you ever been to a store when
  • Have you ever purchased an item on sale?

When you know the price of products off the top of your head, then you will be able to foil some of the GOTCHAS!



TAKE ACTION: The very first step to foil managers at their own game is to know the regular prices of the top of your head. You can do that by setting up a Price Book or creating a Price Comparison document.

Since you can’t learn everything at the same time, choose one GOTCHA and learn everything there is to know about that one so you’ll never get caught again. Then choose another GOTCHA and learn about that.

If you can share other GOTCHAs or how to beat merchants at their own game, please leave a comment and share.



Updated: October 24, 2017 — 2:05 pm

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