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Have you ever had a stack of papers (just one example) that are on the coffee table or the counter or the side table (you get the picture) that seems to grow in size? As you open the mail, do you put the mail away immediately or do you just toss those items on top of that stack of papers? Where do the kids put their school work that needs to be signed off? Worse yet – where is that school work? There are so many papers here that I cannot find anything!

Taming Chaos

Or, you really and truly want to save money; however, you simply do not know where to start. Even though you have tried before, this time you fully intend to stick to the plan and save money. However, with everything else going on, who has time to figure out what is on sale or get to the store to take advantage of the sale prices?

You know that a holiday will be next month and try as you may, after work, school, chores (grocery shopping, kids’ after school activities, get the car fixed, and a million other tasks), you simply cannot make more time to stuff even one more task into the mix. Before you know it, the holiday is on top of you and you are not ready.

What are you supposed to do?

Hark!  Never Fear! Mighty Minnies Are Here!

Mighty Minnies are small, powerful bursts of action. Set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes and make some minor changes to the way you are doing things right now. Before you know it, those changes have become habit and no one even realizes that things have changed.  AND – those changes are making itsy bitsy revisions so that no one seems to realize that anything has change; however, things seem to be going more smoothly. You will be totally amazed at how many things you can accomplish in just 5 minutes! You always think that a task will take much, much longer. Even if the task is not completed when the timer goes off, stop. Tomorrow, set the timer for 5 minutes and chip away at finishing the task.

The results of Mighty Minnies?

  1. Geez. I only spent one week of 5-10 minutes working on those piles of papers and they are ALL GONE! Now you can keep up with the incoming mail, kids bringing school work home to be signed off and returned, etc.
  2. Holy cow! Where did that money come from? I only made several small changes. Nothing major. Just small revisions to the way I’m doing things. Okay – now I am pumped. I am liking these Mighty Minnies!
  3. Not only are you ready for upcoming holidays; but friends, neighbors, and co-workers are asking you if you can show them what you do that is different from what they do?

Below are some examples of other “Mighty Minnies”:

  1. While the Mr. Coffee machine is making coffee for the morning (about 8 minutes):
    • Put away the dishes from the dishwasher, or
    • Put the odds and ends that ended up on the counter away, wipe down the counter, and then spray with hydrogen peroxide and let it air dry (an excellent disinfectant!).
  2. When it is time to take out the garbage, glance through the refrigerator and toss out any old and expired items before closing the bag.
  3. If you are in the living room and are going to the bedroom, take at least one item from the living room and put it on the bed in the bedroom. Better yet – put it away in the bedroom; however, even if you only put the item on the bed, as long as you put it away when you are going to bed, you are one step ahead of the game.
  4. As you’re watching television, match socks from the laundry, or sort through some more papers in that stack of papers and when the commercial comes, get up and put the papers you sorted away.
  5. Consider putting a small box in the trunk of your car and when you drop the kids off for practice, open the trunk and corral the smaller items in the box to neaten up your trunk.
  6. Put a feather duster in the center console of your car and while you’re waiting at a red traffic light, use the feather duster to dust the dashboard
  7. Some of the Mighty Minnies that I offer through my blog posts only take SECONDS to complete. Each of them saves small amounts of money; however, when you complete multiple Mighty Minnies, before you realize it, you are saving money on a regular basis without even realizing that you are saving money!

TAKE ACTION: Set the timer for just 5 minutes and sort through a silverware drawer (or junk drawer or one other drawer): get rid of broken items, duplicate straws, put plastic forks, knives, and spoons in a small box (like what checks come in from the bank), separate spoons from forks from knives, from serving spoons, etc. If you do not already have a sorter for your silverware, use a series of small boxes.

You will most likely totally amaze yourself that you can get through that entire drawer in less than five minutes! (Hint – hint – that is the reason I suggested that you take a drawer for your first task!)

Keep in mind the Chinese proverb by a Chinese philosopher: A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.




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