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I am a firm believer in creating habits and getting them to “stick” will only work if the habit you are trying to form “feels right” to you. Many people want to get organized, and stay organized. Most people try to follow rules such as: “7 rules of . . . , everything has a place and . . . , if you get it out, put it away, and so on. So, why do things get back out of order again? Why do people keep getting disorganized? Why don’t things stay put away?

I learned years ago that it has to “feel right” in order for you to WANT to continue doing anything; whether it is exercising, dieting, meditating, organizing, studying, excelling at a job, etc. If it does not click with your psyche, then it (whatever “it” is) will always “get old” and you will no longer stick with it.

There are many ways to accomplish the any task. Three people can complete the same task, do it in entirely different ways, and yet still end up completing the task. That is what makes it so much interesting to get things straightened up and keep them straightened up!

If I can find a way to build having fun into tasks, I have a win/win situation. When you find ways to build fun into day-to-day tasks, not only do you get the task done; but you also have lots of memories. Read the article I wrote titled: “It is the Journey”.

Another tip to get things organized and to keep them organized, I use what I refer to as “Mighty Minnies”, which take only a few minutes (and in some cases only seconds) to complete. When you use a series of Mighty Minnies during the day, you can keep things organized. And have a few chuckles along the way!

Check out some of the articles that are posted on Saturdays and see for yourself different ways that you can build having fun into your life, completing tasks in a manner that melds with your personality type so it “feels good” so that you want to continue doing those tasks. And many more tips and tricks.



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