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Thrifty Thursdays

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Thrifty Thursdays will take Sort~N~Save’s SAVE MONEY to the next level because this section will provide a wide variety of ways to save money on many more items than just food.


Some of the easiest ways to save money are easily available to everyone and most likely, many of the products that are needed to get things done more cheaply are already in your home! I will offer many tips in Thrifty Thursdays blog posts.


Thrifty Thursdays Living

My Mother spent the first 14 years of her life during the Great Depression. Because of that, when I started my website, I picked her brain for some of the things that she was raised on as her parents (my grandparents) made what they had stretch to amazing lengths.


Some of the things she told me are things that I use today; however, they have become second nature to the point that I never realized that I actually do the same things! My point in telling you that is the tricks she was raised on were easy to use that I chose to use them in my life today.


Many of the tips require thinking outside the box.





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