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I love to celebrate! I will find reasons to celebrate because I love having fun. Holidays provide built-in reasons to celebrate! Come on along for the ride!

Willkommen auf dem Oktoberfest

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Hey – since this is your first time here, consider checking out my blog pages and Opportunities For You (O4U). . Rather than repeating the same thing other websites do about Oktoberfest, I took a different spin on this festival.  The very 1st “Oktoberfest” did start as a celebration of Crown […]

Be Prepared for the Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   . . A total solar eclipse will make August 2017 a busy celestial month. August 12-13: the Perseid Meteor Shower when you could see up to 80 “falling stars” or meteors an hour. The Black Moon, which will cause the Great American Eclipse will occur on August 21. A Total […]

Erie Canal, the Ditch that Changed Our Country

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn .  It . . I grew up only about a mile from one section of the Erie Canal.  Although the Erie Canal celebrated its bicentennial on July 4, 2017, I was unable to attend the festivities.  I just moved from Delaware to Florida and all the moving details got in the way.  Therefore, […]

Pumpkins are Not Just for Halloween, Part 2

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Around Halloween of last year I wrote the article: Pumpkins are Not Just for Halloween.  There is so much information about pumpkins and Halloween, so I thought I would expand on that article by adding “Part 2”. I am always pleasantly surprised when I find out that a food […]

7 Steps to Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   . With New Year right around the corner, if you are really serious about successfully accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions, use this fool-proof and systematic approach.   Identify: Select a dream or desire or passion that you REALLY want to achieve.  It must be something that you want to accomplish […]

January 1st Month Tasks and Tips Intro

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . January 1st, or New Year’s Day, is celebrated by every country around the world.  The 1st month tasks sets the stage for new beginnings as does every other New Year’s Day..Each year we have the opportunity to start again and strive to reach the new year’s new resolutions. It […]

How Successful Have Your New Year’s Resolutions Been?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . Have you accomplished your New Year’s resolutions on a regular basis?  Or, do you find yourself making the same New Year’s resolutions the next year because your ambition for reaching the resolution you set the previous year fizzled out in March or April?  Do wait until the next January to […]

The Magic of the Winter Solstice

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . The Winter Solstice this year will occur precisely at 12/22/2015 at 4:48 am.  The “magic” is that this is the one day of the year that has either the shortest (northern hemisphere) or longest (southern hemisphere) amounts of sunlight depending on the hemisphere in which you live.  When I […]

Gingerbread: History, Folklore, and Health Benefits

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I find it fascinating that the spices included in this amazing confectionery item were popular centuries ago and yet many are still popular today in many countries.  There are very few food items that I know of which were used in ancient cultures and yet recipes are still around […]

Brown Sugar Mighty Minnie

Brown Sugar Mighty Minnie

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Because this is the time of year when those baking supplies go on sale, it is a perfect time for this Mighty Minnie. Around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday lots of baking items go on sale.  Until I learned this tiny trick, I bought brown sugar only to find that several […]

November Tasks and Tips Intro

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Have you ever completed a MAJOR QUICK CLEAN of your home when you know someone will be stopping by and you do not want them to see your house all in a mess?  You can avoid conducting a super power cleanup by being proactive and work short bursts of […]

Gifts of Experience: Make Memories

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I am all about making memories and spending quality time with family.  If firmly believe that the majority of people spend most of their lives WANTING something.  Many people even sit back and WAIT because they hope something will happen.  All of us will only pass this way one […]

National Popcorn Month – A Healthy Snack

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Welcome National Popcorn Month! What is more, because popcorn is so versatile, you can use it as a healthy snack and also change the color of items that you add to popcorn and have it during any holiday of the year! What is more, it is healthy and also […]

October Organizational Tasks and Tips Intro

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I combine work with events and rewards to keep things interesting so that I always look forward to each month’s task list.  I provide this info to get you started; however, you will want to personalize your own task list. Some of the events that I included into October […]

August Organizational Tasks and Tips Intro

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . A great time management tip that I regularly use is to learn to be proactive rather than to constantly react to issues as they arise.  By being proactive, you can resolve many tasks before they become issues. Example is if your kids will need supplies to complete a project, […]

Sales Tax Holiday 2015

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Sales tax holidays were initiated in New York State in 1997 to offer its residents temporary relief from paying sales taxes on certain items.  Following the Empire State’s lead, 8 more states began offering their own tax-free holidays.  Sales Tax Holidays were offered primarily in August to help families […]

July Tasks and Tips

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . One tool that you can use to get, and stay, organized is to schedule tasks; some are only done once every year, and therefore, I attach those tasks to monthly Tasks and Tips.  Even if I only complete some of the tasks and preparations or awareness campaigns, I am […]

June Tasks and Tips

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . .     One tool that you can use to get, and stay, organized is to have a game plan.  Even if you only complete some of the tasks and preparations or awareness campaigns, you are still farther along then you were prior to using a game plan. In my […]

Older Americans Month

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Older Americans Month was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, when only 9 percent of the population at that time (189,240,000) had reached their 65th birthday.  At the time, there were few programs to help older Americans and one third of the American population lived in poverty. According […]

Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Please take some time this holiday weekend to remember our military personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.  Freedom truly is not free.  It comes at a very great cost.  I work at a Veterans Affairs medical center and what truly baffles my mind is that […]

Earth Awareness Month

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Whether or not you believe in global warming, it does not take a rocket scientist to know that as the world’s population continues to grow more carbon dioxide being expelled (exhaling), more waste being created, more food needed, more clean water being used, more, more, more, etc. That being […]

Santa Can Do It In 1 Night

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . According to Larry Silverberg, a professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University, Santa could very easily deliver Christmas gifts to the entire world in one night. In fact, taking into account relative physics, “six Santa months” would equate to about 5 minutes in human time. […]

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