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Mighty Minnies are small bursts of action that take minimal time and yet take you one step closer to reaching your goal. Tips from Sort N Save

Thrifty Strategies Around Home Using Mighty Minnies

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Hey – since this is your first time here, consider checking out my blog pages and Opportunities For You (O4U). . Using old-fashioned awareness is a great and thrifty way to get more mileage from your money.  That is not about BUYING more stuff but rather by getting products and services […]

Brown Sugar Mighty Minnie

Brown Sugar Mighty Minnie

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Because this is the time of year when those baking supplies go on sale, it is a perfect time for this Mighty Minnie. Around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday lots of baking items go on sale.  Until I learned this tiny trick, I bought brown sugar only to find that several […]

Pumpkins Are Not Just for Halloween

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . One of the things that I love most about the different seasons is the different foods.  For example, when I think of autumn, I think of foods such as apples, cranberries, gingerbread, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. For this article I want to provide some info about pumpkins because pumpkins […]

How to Save Time and Money with a Clothespin

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I LOVE using Mighty Minnies.  You know – those tasks or tips that take next to no time at all and yet save loads of time or lots of money? Some of the Mighty Minnies that I have used for years have become so much of a habit and […]

2 Microwave Basic Tips to Save Time and Money

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I use a huge variety of Mighty Minnies all the time.  Each one saves a little tiny bit of time or a little tiny bit of money; however, when they become the fabric of my day-to-day life that all of those little bits of time and money, they end […]

Sales Tax Holiday 2015

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Sales tax holidays were initiated in New York State in 1997 to offer its residents temporary relief from paying sales taxes on certain items.  Following the Empire State’s lead, 8 more states began offering their own tax-free holidays.  Sales Tax Holidays were offered primarily in August to help families […]

15 Minute Deep Clean Blender Project

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I use a variety of “Mighty Minnies” as organizational techniques. Rather than cleaning an entire room in one swell foop, I schedule a variety of 15 minute times and complete just one item for each of those 15 minute increments. For this Mighty Minnie, I thought I would detail […]

Dog Treats for 96 Percent Less!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn .. .. For those of you who have dogs, you will know what a great companion they are. They know when you are upset or not feeling well. At those times, they just lay next to you to keep you company.  Have you ever noticed that your dog will never want […]

Driving In the Rain

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn .. .. Below is a quick trick to help you see better when you are driving in the rain and it is raining hard. Most people turn their windshield wipers on high, thinking it will keep their windshield clearer. If you have tried this, you know that does not usually work. […]

Extend the Life of Baking Flour

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn .. . I love Mighty Minnies because these super simple quick tricks and tips always save money and/or time and yet they only take SECONDS to do. That’s my idea of a win/ win situation! . Have you ever purchased flour or rice or pancake mix or Bisquick or cream of […]

Easy Trick to Keep Mildew Off Shower Walls

Brown Sugar Mighty Minnie

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I LOVE Mighty Minnies! They take literally seconds to make a HUGE difference.. . . Do you find mold or mildew forming on your shower walls? I found a way that is not only super-fast but is also super cheap to keep mold and mildew from forming on my […]

Underused and Delicious Superfood

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . February 16th is “National Almond Day”.   Almonds are technically seeds rather than nuts. They are the seeds inside the fruit of the almond tree and are related to peaches, cherries, and plums.   They have the highest levels of protein, fiber, and calcium than all other tree nuts. […]

Unique Way to Save with Toilet Tissue

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . The kinds of money savers I love are those that cost zero money to make them happen. And for this tip, after you finish laughing, do consider taking this message seriously. . Have you ever noticed at hotels that the toilet tissue is always inserted into the dispenser so […]

Corral Plastic Utensils

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . For those of us who take lunch to work, another way to save money (besides taking lunches!) is to re-use plastic utensils after cleaning them in a dishwasher.  However, have you ever tried to keep those spoons, forks, and knives organized? Ha! In your dreams. Well, I found the […]

6 Tips to Clean Up Your Computer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn .. .. A key technique that I learned years ago as an Executive Secretary was to keep my computer, both at work and at home, working in prime condition. At work, even though there was always an Information Technology department, there were tips that I could incorporate as an end user. I use […]

Save Money: Make Bar Soap Last Longer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . A super simple way to make your money go farther that only takes SECONDS to do, and actually doubles or triples how long bar soap will last, is to go Back to Basics: Unwrap the bar of soap as soon as you get home from purchasing it and store […]

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