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More Old-Fashioned Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Nifty Tricks

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Hey – since this is your first time here, consider checking out my blog pages and Opportunities For You (O4U). .   Continuing with last week’s article, below are more nifty tricks that our grandparents and parents used. Healthy I grew up in a tiny country village.  Doctors were almost non-existent, […]

7 Steps to Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   . With New Year right around the corner, if you are really serious about successfully accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions, use this fool-proof and systematic approach.   Identify: Select a dream or desire or passion that you REALLY want to achieve.  It must be something that you want to accomplish […]

January 1st Month Tasks and Tips Intro

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . January 1st, or New Year’s Day, is celebrated by every country around the world.  The 1st month tasks sets the stage for new beginnings as does every other New Year’s Day..Each year we have the opportunity to start again and strive to reach the new year’s new resolutions. It […]

How Successful Have Your New Year’s Resolutions Been?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . Have you accomplished your New Year’s resolutions on a regular basis?  Or, do you find yourself making the same New Year’s resolutions the next year because your ambition for reaching the resolution you set the previous year fizzled out in March or April?  Do wait until the next January to […]

Steps to Avoid Identity Theft, Part 2

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . As a follow-up to the article I wrote on June 20, 2015 (Steps to Avoid Identity Theft), I thought I would provide more information that we (federal employees) have received as a result of the massive hack attack that happened earlier this year. I have received a ginormous amount […]

November Tasks and Tips Intro

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Have you ever completed a MAJOR QUICK CLEAN of your home when you know someone will be stopping by and you do not want them to see your house all in a mess?  You can avoid conducting a super power cleanup by being proactive and work short bursts of […]

Gifts of Experience: Make Memories

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I am all about making memories and spending quality time with family.  If firmly believe that the majority of people spend most of their lives WANTING something.  Many people even sit back and WAIT because they hope something will happen.  All of us will only pass this way one […]

Why Making Memories Is Important

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . My goal with this post is that if I provide information about what has happened in my life to cause me to believe that making memories throughout my lifetime is absolutely critical, that you will make the correlation about why making memories is important in your own life.  You […]

September Organizational Tasks and Tips Intro

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I make keeping my home organized and keeping up with the housework a little more palatable by combining a variety of monthly events, festivals, and awareness campaigns with the housework. I always do a lot of research to find fun facts and history about some of the events and […]

Steps to Avoid Identity Theft

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . It is a fair guess that you may have heard about the recent massive hack attack, the largest hack attack in history of government computers.  Four million, or 80%, of all current and previous federal employees potentially had their personal information stolen.  Nearly every government agency was affected by […]

Karma Has No Menu: Setting Goals

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . This month’s motivational quote is about achieving your dreams by setting goals for yourself. As mentioned last month, my granddaughter is helping me with motivational quotes for each month.  Not only does she come up with the motivational quote, but she also selects the photos to illustrate the quote!  That […]

You Can’t Have a Rainbow . . .

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . .     Beginning in May, I will provide a motivational quote each month and also a photo.  This quote: “You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain” fits perfectly with a photo that we took during our Hawaiian vacation last year.  This was the view off our balcony.  Almost […]

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