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The Low Down Between Salt and Sodium. Which to Reduce?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Hey – since this is your first time here, consider checking out my blog pages and Opportunities For You (O4U). . I have searched many websites to learn the difference between Salt and Sodium.  Up until now, the only thing I found was that “salt” and “sodium” are not the same […]

How to Save Money with Locally Grown Food

Locally Grown Food

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Continuing from last week’s article: How to Save Money at Farmers’ Markets, below are other advantages of Street Markets. I do not normally bring my camera to farmers’ markets. However, when we go on vacation, one of our priorities is to search out street markets in the area.  Every area of […]

Homemade Substitutions for Chemical Cleaning Solutions

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Sort~N~Save’s mission is two-fold: to help people get organized and save money.  Homemade solutions are better than many chemical compounds.  Additionally, they are safer, less expensive, and environmentally safe.  That is my idea of a win/win solution!  Everyone wins.  Well, everyone except the manufacturers of chemical cleaning solutions. You […]

21 Gun Salute versus 3 Volley Salute

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . In honor of Memorial Day, I thought I would clarify a 21 gun salute versus a 4-volley salute.  Many people think that the firing of rifles at a funeral of a loved-one who was in the military who was killed in action or was a Veteran is a 21 […]

Celebrate This Month with a Healthy Snack

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Kick off the new year with a healthy snack!  January is National Popcorn Month.  It is inexpensive, it is healthy and most people LOVE popcorn!  Keep in mind that although popcorn is a very healthy snack; the items that you add to the popcorn may not be healthy. This healthy snack […]

7 Steps to Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   . With New Year right around the corner, if you are really serious about successfully accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions, use this fool-proof and systematic approach.   Identify: Select a dream or desire or passion that you REALLY want to achieve.  It must be something that you want to accomplish […]

Steps to Avoid Identity Theft, Part 2

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . As a follow-up to the article I wrote on June 20, 2015 (Steps to Avoid Identity Theft), I thought I would provide more information that we (federal employees) have received as a result of the massive hack attack that happened earlier this year. I have received a ginormous amount […]

Best Way to Clean Windows

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Although everyone has their own idea of how frequently to wash windows, this article is based on washing them two times each year: at the end of winter and at the end of summer. Of course, if your windows get dirty more often, you will need to wash them […]

Creative and Frugal Kitchen Utensils Storage

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Do you have a variety of kitchen utensils: serving spoons, a variety of different types of spatulas (metal flippers, fish spatulas, baking, silicone, icing, etc.), whisks, graters, knife sharpeners, and the list goes on and on? Are those utensils within easy reach of where you need them, when you […]

10 Tips to Increase Your Savings

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I suspect that you probably work really hard to earn each paycheck. After you pay your mortgage and bills do you have the money that you need? I wish I would have learned years ago to put my money on “autopilot” and to pay myself first.  It is easier […]

A Frugal Craft Using a Child’s Step Stool

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . If you read my blog posts regularly, you will know that I am a huge advocate of making memories.  For this project, my granddaughter (Sami) and I had loads of fun re-purposing a child’s step stool that I found.  This is the kind of step stool that I knew […]

Steps to Avoid Identity Theft

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . It is a fair guess that you may have heard about the recent massive hack attack, the largest hack attack in history of government computers.  Four million, or 80%, of all current and previous federal employees potentially had their personal information stolen.  Nearly every government agency was affected by […]

Herbs: Mint Methods

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . Mints of all varieties are herbs.  There are more than 30 species and it is abundant in the summer.  In fact, I was given a huge bunch of the herb by a co-worker last week because she knows how much I love mint.  I got a variety of perks […]

Karma Has No Menu: Setting Goals

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . This month’s motivational quote is about achieving your dreams by setting goals for yourself. As mentioned last month, my granddaughter is helping me with motivational quotes for each month.  Not only does she come up with the motivational quote, but she also selects the photos to illustrate the quote!  That […]

National Fruits and Veggies Month

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . If you have kept up with my blog entries, you will know that I am a huge advocate of locally grown foods and farmers’ markets to save money and yet put healthy food on my table. Keep in mind that there are 2 types of “farmers’ markets”: Street Markets […]

Check Out National Dairy Check-Offs

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . To follow up with my post from January 1, 2015 in which I described what check-offs are, June is National Dairy Month and there are a variety of check-offs in many states that will help us, the consumers, to save money, provides recipes, and a wide variety of information. […]

You Can’t Have a Rainbow . . .

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . .     Beginning in May, I will provide a motivational quote each month and also a photo.  This quote: “You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain” fits perfectly with a photo that we took during our Hawaiian vacation last year.  This was the view off our balcony.  Almost […]

Organizational Tasks for May

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . One great Time Management, Organizational Task, and Money-Saving tip that ALWAYS works is to plan ahead.  When you plan ahead, you know when the upcoming sales will be, you will be able to coordinate multiple stops into one trip, and will be able to include FUN ACTIVITIES into your […]

Popcorn Dog Rattle

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . I just love it when I find great bargains that my dog will love. I love it even more when I can make those items from stuff that I normally would recycle or trash. One toy that many dogs LOVE, and that is almost free, is a “rattle”. You […]

7 Tips to Put Yourself First

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn . . All of us are only going to pass this way one time. Below are 7 tips to put yourself first.  Why not make the very best of the time that you do have on this Earth? Time management is critical in making the most of every day.  It is […]

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