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In this section of my website, I provide a wealth of information to help people spend less money for products and services that they normally use and also ways to save money along the way.  Although I am not a competitive person myself, I love it when I can benefit from others who are competitive.  With so much competition from many different companies, organizations, and programs, each one offers a variety of ways to entice you (their potential customer) to buy your products or services from them.  I researched different money-saving free opportunities.

Therefore, the only tips, tricks, and programs that I use are all totally free.  I then found a variety of different ways to combine those tips and tricks, and the order to do them that would increase the amount of money that I saved.  From there, I created my own “Combination Techniques”.  Everything is totally legal.

My goal has always been to help other people realize some of their dreams. There is no feeling that even comes close to the thrill that I get when I hear that someone accomplished one of their significant goals or realized one of their dreams by using some of my tips!  I showed some of my friends how I save save so much money, including getting many gift cards for free.  It was fun for me when they came back to me to show me the gift cards they got for free and they were very excited. It felt even better when I knew that some of those friends were barely making ends meet because I made their lives a little easier.  My friends suggested that I make my Combination Techniques available to other people to help them.  That’s how my website got started.

Personally, I am usually a non-believer and before I will spend one single penny to buy anything, I need to know that it will definitely work.  I know that the food budget is the 3rd most expensive item on everyone’s financial budget (housing and transportation are #1 and #2). What better way than to let people prove to themselves the significant amount of money they could save that would make a huge impact on their budgets?  That is why I decided to make my 10-Step Supermarket Combination Technique available for free.

I now regularly spend 42% less on my food budget than I did before I started learning about this.  I only spend about 15-20 minutes each week preparing for food shopping.  I even found ways to minimize my trips to get food to the point where I do the majority of my food shopping one time each month and then just get fresh produce, dairy, bakery items, and only the things that I want super fresh as I need them.  One other trip to a supermarket I will make is to take advantage of the Loss Leaders.  You can do the same thing.

The same concept works with Online Purchases, Entertainment & Dining Out, Utilities & Gasoline, and Travel & Vacations.  Although the concept is the same, there are additional and different steps and different free programs to use.  Therefore, I created separate books for each of the Combination Techniques.

Although the 10-Step Supermarket Combination Technique is free, because you have to visit so many webpages to learn the entire process, I decided to put all of that information into one book and just charge a nominal fee for the book.

This is Me with Goofy

It is fun being able to go on vacations, now that I can “pay” for most of those vacations with my Combination Techniques. I would never even think about going on a vacation or going out to dinner without using the programs first.  We have found many, many ways to save money even when we go to major amusement parks. One of our favorite parks is Walt Disney World.  As you may know, going to any amusement park is extremely expensive.  Although we pay the same entrance fee that anyone else pays, we have found many ways to save money and we always stay at a Walt Disney Resort, which we never would be able to afford without using all 5 of my Combination Techniques.  It takes using all 5 of my Combination Techniques to pay for so much of those vacations.

The eBooks will all be available as I finish them.  Check back periodically.  Because I want to be as thorough as possible, just as I did with the 10-Step Supermarket Combination Technique. I want the books to be worth every penny that people pay.

  • 10-Step Supermarket Combination Technique: $4.95
  • Entertainment and Dining Out
  • Online Purchasing
  • Travel and Vacations
  • Utility Bills & Gasoline

Have fun saving money and getting free gift cards.  Please email me to let me know when you reach one of your major goals or realize a dream by using any or all of my Combination Techniques.  Happy Saving!


My Warmest Regards,

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My Warmest Regards,


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