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Dangers of the Unsubscribe Link



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Unless you requested to receive a newsletter or blog, do not use the “unsubscribe link” to get your email address removed from that list. If the link is from someone who is building an email list that he/she can sell to companies or people that will pay for it, by using the unsubscribe button, you just confirmed that your email address is valid.

A better way is to set up a RULE that automatically puts all future emails from that person into your recycle bin.

Click Manage Email Messages by Using Rules to set up a rule using Microsoft’s step-by-step process.

NOTE: I create rules for many of my incoming emails so that my “inbox” stays neat and tidy. More importantly, I create rules for each of the banks that I deal with and all credit card companies or department store credit cards so that ALL incoming emails from those organizations goes directly into the subdirectory that I created.

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Why is this important? Because any email from a bank or credit card company that ends up in my ‘inbox’ is NOT from any bank or credit card company that I deal with and I know to immediately delete those emails (or set up a new rule so it automatically goes into the recycle bin if I receive another email from that source).

Additionally, you can create a rule to have spam go directly into your recycle bin so that you never see them in your inbox.


TASK: Learn how to set up rules. You will find that it is very useful information, particularly when you get into SAVING MONEY. It will significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend moving incoming emails around when you receive them.



These links will help you create folder or filters in the top email accounts:

AOL: Create or Delete Folders

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Microsoft Outlook Folders

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Updated: October 24, 2017 — 6:42 pm

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