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Foil would-be identity thieves from intercepting your personal info from credit and bank statements and other invoices by turning off paper copies and go paperless.

I’m a huge advocate on being ecologically effective; however, for this tip, my primary goal is to remove the potential from would-be thieves of stealing your identity by intercepting paper invoices, credit card and utility bills, and other paper forms that have your date of birth and social security number or part of your account number printed on the document. Do that by going paperless.

Consider stopping all paper copies of utility bills, credit card and bank statements, etc. One of the ways potential identity thieves can steal your identity is from your mailbox and they don’t need much information. Turning off your paper copies of bank and credit card statements, utility bills, etc., is one way that you can remove the possibility of a would-be thief from getting access to that information.

This is another reason to stop junk mail from arriving in the first place. Credit card companies send “You’ve been qualified” credit card offers all the time. Although they don’t include your social security number, information such as your middle initial, helps would-be identity thieves, who are actively trying to collect information on you.

When the day comes that YOU are interested in opening a charge account, at that time you can find the current offers being run by the different credit card companies and apply the offers that interest you.

There are two ways to stop receiving credit card offers: contact the credit card company directly and ask that they stop mailing those offers or make that request through CatalogChoice. NOTE: the name of the company changed to Trusted ID; however, the website URL is still Catalog Choice.

If you really want to continue using paper bills, be sure to send your payments by dropping the envelope that you’re mailing into a US Mailbox or from the post office rather than your home mailbox, which is more vulnerable and available to would-be identity thieves.

Additionally, ask if the company will use a post office box, which is secure in the U. S. Postal Service, to mail your paper copies to rather than your home mailbox.


TIP: Set up your bank accounts and credit card accounts with free alerts to notify you of large purchases (you define what “large” means) or when your bank account balance gets low. If your account is low and you know that you did not purchase anything, you will know to look into what the purchase(s) was/were. If they were not made by you, notify your bank or credit card company ASAP.

Additionally, set up an alert for if your bank account balance is low so that you will have time to transfer money into the account to avoid insufficient charge fees.


TASK: Set up FREE alerts with all of your bank and credit card accounts so you can receive notices whenever a large purchase is made or if your balance is below whatever the minimum amount is (if your bank charges a fee for a balance below a certain amount).


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Updated: October 24, 2017 — 6:46 pm

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