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Is Your Antivirus Up to Date?



Get set up with an antivirus software, whether you use one of the freebies or one for which you pay an annual fee. Both are supposed to be as good. I found a list of the “Best Free Antivirus Programs” that was updated in April 2014. I do not know anything about any of the free programs. I am providing this link because I thought it might help you to know the names of some of them.

My personal preference is an antivirus software that has a firewall that updates itself automatically. That option may be available in the free antivirus software packages that you can get online. I’ve never looked into that because I really like the one I have..

I particularly like an antivirus software that fills in your login and password automatically because I learned that thieves can capture your passwords by listening to the keys that are pressed as you enter your login and password. Apparently each key has a distinct sound.

If you choose not to have an antivirus software that runs in the background, be sure to shut down your computer when you will not be using it for extended periods of time. Computers transmit data back and forth via communication ports, which closes when you turn off the computer. If the communication port is left open and the computer runs vacant for any length of time, even in “sleep mode”, you virtually put out a welcome mat to would-be thieves.

However, because there are free antivirus software packages around, please do consider using an antivirus program. There is nothing worse than losing ALL of your data on your computer if it gets infected by a virus or worm.


TASK: Find out what kind of antivirus software you have on your computer. Decide if you will purchase antivirus software or use one of the freebies. Get set up with the antivirus program of your choosing.



Updated: October 24, 2017 — 6:47 pm

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