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Is Your Computer Organized?



By creating directories and sub-directories and saving documents by category and named appropriately, you’ll be able to find the great tips and tricks you learn along the way without wasting any time hunting for the documents.

One way to do that is to set up a directory for all of your money-saving documents (from this SAVE section of the website) and a separate directory for all of your organizational documents (if you use any of the tips in SORT of this website) such as checklists, websites (includes Terms& Conditions, Privacy Policies, and FAQs), forms, etc.

Below is an example of directories and subdirectories I set up for your reference. I set up this infrastructure for both SAVING MONEY (SAVE) and also ORGANIZATIONAL TIPS (SORT). Get it? SORT~n~SAVE?

TIP: Always back up your information on your computer. You never know when your hard drive will stop working or a virus will attack your computer or your computer be lost or broken.


Checklists: I create check lists to ensure that I do not forget any steps and so that I do all the steps in the correct order

  • Dining Out
  • Monthly Bills
  • Online Purchases
  • Rewards Programs
  • Supermarket
  • Travel, Hotels, Rental Cars
  • Utilities

Grocery Savings (Files for all the tips & tricks that I use for supermarket savings are in this sub-directory)

  • Price Book: My actual Price Book and documents that I set up to track rotational sales at different stores that I use
  • Loyalty Programs a list of the various loyalty programs that I belong to, which programs I use to upload eCoupons monthly, the best coupon websites I’ve found,

I set up a folder for each section: Dining Out, Monthly Bills, Online Purchases, Rewards Programs, Supermarket, Travel and Vacations, Utilities, etc.  Inside each PROGRAM folder are many files with each named such as “Terms of Use”, “Privacy Policy”, “Price Comparison”, Graphs, “Vacation”, etc.

  • Task Lists: I have traveled for so many years that I created a task list template. I open the template and customize it for each trip that I take and save the task list with the trip location and date so I can refer to the notes that I added AFTER the trip to save even more money the next time I travel.
  • Packing Lists: When I first started traveling many years ago, the very first trip, I discovered that I had forgotten to bring items that would have made my trip more carefree. I decided that would never happen again. I created, and update regularly as things change in my life, a task list for my dog, myself, my granddaughter (that used to be for my son; however, he’s now married and has a daughter), camping (which is TOTALLY different from a trip where we stay at hotels, etc.
    • My dog’s Packing List (what goes to the kennel with my dog)
    • My Packing List
    • My Granddaughter’s Packing List
    • Camping Packing List

Itineraries: I create a one-page itinerary that I keep one copy with me at all times while I’m away, I give a copy to the kennel where I board my dog, and give one to family members and/or friends (in case something happens). It includes. In this case, I save the itineraries by decades

  • Itineraries for 1990 – 2000
  • Itineraries for 2001 – 2010
  • Itineraries for 2011 – and I’m still working on that one


I have the same sort of directories and sub-directories for organizing techniques (get it? SORT n SAVE?).

Organizing Checklists: I created a series of step-by-step check lists for the various types of organizational techniques:

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Home
  • Insurance
  • Monthly Tasks
  • Products and Services
  • School
  • Time Management
  • Work

However, hopefully you have the idea of how to organize your computer so you can find items immediately when you want them.

Start small and build as you find new techniques and ways to save (or organize).

TIP: One final housekeeping note: ALWAYS back up your information on your computer. You never know when your hard drive will stop working or a virus will attack your computer or your computer be lost or broken.



TASK 1: Set up a directory for SAVING and under that, a sub-directory for SUPERMARKETS or GROCERIES (or whatever you want to call it).



TASK 2: If you will be trying some of the tips for ONLINE SAVINGS or DINING OUT or TRAVEL, create those sub-directories. You can add the files and folders to each as you learn the steps – or find your own steps.


TASK 3: Create a task reminder for yourself to remember to back up your computer files. Purchase CDs or memory sticks to save the documents.



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