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Set a task reminder to check your profile every six months with social media networking websites to which you belong to ensure that your privacy remains the way you want it.

  • Set up a task reminder in MS Outlook. I put the URL for the social media platform into the body of the task reminder so that I can simply click on the link, which takes me right to the profile page. Make sure that your profile has the level of privacy protection checked that you want.
  • Also consider entering the customer service telephone number and email address so that everything is easily available.
  • Re-set the task reminder for every six months to remind you to check the social media network Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions webpages.  Most websites put the onus on the end users to review the privacy policies as well as terms & conditions.

TASK #1: Check your profile in all the social media networks that you belong to and make sure the privacy is set to your satisfaction.

TASK #2: Set up a recurring task reminder to check your profiles in your social media networks every 6 months. (Social media networks change their websites frequently, which sometimes changes your settings.)



Updated: October 24, 2017 — 6:53 pm

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