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January Organizational Tasks



I always combine working tasks with some fun and awareness events and a variety of food items. The January Organizational Tasks below are just food for thought to get you started..I

January Fun Facts


  • History of January: Interesting to me is that when I was in school, I HATED history!  Now that I am out of school, I find it actually comical that I look for things that happened in history throughout the year.  I found many facts about January from The People and The History Place.
  • January: named for the Roman god Janus, the god of doors because January is the door to the rest of the year. The Roman god Janus represents all beginnings and possesses the ability to see all things past and future.
  • Flower:  Carnation: Pride and beauty, health and energy
  • Birthstone:  Garnet: thought to keep the wearer safe during travel as well as represents consistency
  • Zodiac Signs: Capricorn Sea-Goat (Dec 22/Jan 19) /Aquarius Water-Bearer (Jan 20/Feb 18)
  • Northern Hemisphere Full Moon Names: Old Moon, Moon After Yule
  • Southern Hemisphere Full Moon Names: Hay Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Mead Moon

Organizational Tasks and Tips

Below is a list of awareness days (as close to the actual date as possible), mixed with some tasks to consider doing in and around your home, and also some fun things to do and in some cases, foods that are commonly served around awareness events.  Every task that you complete brings you one step closer to being more organized.

  1. It’s New Year’s Day! Have you set a new resolution for yourself?Happy New Year
  2. Review DayTimer: Plan several months ahead for normal purchases so you can buy in bulk and take advantage of sales.
  3. Set up an area to gather all of your tax documents to facilitate tax preparation.
  4. Set aside time this week to Make New Year’s Resolutions with your Child.
  5. Remove soap scum and clean the hoses of your washing machine with white distilled vinegar.
  6. Take down your Christmas decorations, ornaments, lights, wreaths, etc. and pack everything in a couple of boxes.
  7. Look for Christmas holiday clearance sales to stock up with your holiday cards, gift wrap, and decorations for next year.
  8. Make it a resolution to pour one cup of liquid bleach down your drains to keep them clear and unclogged.  This year, make a new resolution that is a snap to keep and will make a big difference in your bathroom cleanliness and will save you time and money (avoiding hiring a plumber).
  9. Develop a weekly action plan for your top goals.
  10. January is National Soup Month.January - Soup Month
  11. Review and update important family documents such as resumes and insurance policies.  Toss out warranties and instruction manuals you no longer use.
  12. Hey – it is another “National Food Month: “National Oatmeal Month”, what a great time to experiment with this super food.
  13. Time Management Technique: Organize your drawers with shallow and thin boxes such as the size that paper checks come in or pencil boxes that you smartly purchased this past August during “back to school” sales, etc.
  14. Make a point every day to think of at least one thing that is good in your life.
  15. You can incorporate automatic stress reduction simply by getting everything off the floor such as plastic bags, shoes, supermarket bags, etc.  When you clear the floor, the other areas begin to look cleaner.
  16. Work at increasing your credit score.
  17. Review all food items in your pantry, in your cupboards, in your fridge and freezer to ensure that everything is within the proper dates.
  18. Martin Luther King’s Birthday.
  19. Start out the year by scheduling monthly regular maintenance for a variety of tasks around your home to keep them small maintenance projects rather than huge and expensive maintenance projects. Ongoing regular maintenance can save you literally thousands of dollars.
  20. Assemble all of the recipes you have been tearing out of magazines and printed from the Internet and organize them so you can use them in your menus throughout the year.
  21. Wipe televisions, stereo fronts, etc., with a lightly moistened antistatic dryer sheet such as Bounce.  It helps to prevent dust from adhering to the screen, thereby making your viewing as good as possible.
  22. This is the time to make sure all the doorknobs in your home are working properly.
  23. As we head toward “flu season”, make it a habit to regularly wipe off all doorknobs, refrigerator handles, remote controls, telephone handsets, and other items that are handled by multiple people to remove the germs.Caution
  24. Review your emergency preparedness kits and update supplies in the kits so everything remains current.
  25. Check out the “Fun Theory”.
  26. Randomly choose one item on your To Do list. This is the first item you should work on during the next scheduled work session.
  27. High dusting and regular dusting, wipe down switch plates.
  28. Now’s a good time to weed out your medicine cabinet.
  29. Empty your kitchen counter tops of appliances you rarely use. Store them away until needed, or donate them if you are likely to never use them again.
  30. If you have not already done so, check out the February task list to keep yourself on schedule and to continue moving things smoothly and efficiently forward.
  31. Review your personal budget from this past year to be sure it is in line with what you expected it to be. If so, give yourself an A+!  If not, revise your budget to bring it more in line with where it should be.

So, have you found any of this information helpful or amusing?  Please leave a comment about your thoughts.


Happy New Year to everyone!



Traveling Nana



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