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I always combine tasks with awareness events to keep things interesting and more importantly, when I mix things up and include fun things as well as tasks that need to be done, I am more apt to stick with it and I accomplish more.  Below is an example of what my November calendar looks like, which includes a variety of awareness days (as close to the actual date as possible), mixed with some tasks to consider doing in and around your home, and also some fun things to do and in some cases, foods that are commonly served around awareness events.

Organizational Tasks and Tips


  1. Daylight Saving Time Ends.  Gain an hour.  Have you ever wondered why Daylight Saving Time starts and ends at 2:00am? For the answer, see WebExhibits.
  2. Review your monthly planner so that you are sure to have any items you will need for the upcoming appointments, activities, events, etc.
  3. National Georgia Pecan Month.  This is another of those: “almost too good to be true” foods because not only do they taste great, but they are packed with health benefits!
  4. National Healthy Eating Day (1st Wednesday in November: 11/4/2015) sponsored by the American Heart Association.Happy Halloween
  5. Look for Halloween holiday clearance items such as baking items (Aldi stores close out their holiday baking items, which already are very cheap): pancake mixes or brownie mixes for $0.25.
  6. Back up all computer documents.  It is only a matter of time before that computer will need to be replaced due to a fried hard drive or virus attack.
  7. Watch for sales over the next month on holiday baking and canned items (canned pumpkin, winter squashes, cinnamon, nutmeg, extracts, brown sugar, etc.).
  8. Many companies that offer benefits have open enrollment during this time.  Be sure to review your pre-tax spending accounts at work against actual expenses and adjust accordingly for the next year.
  9. Holiday Prep: Buy your holiday cards now, especially if you plan to get them personalized.  Start writing out a few cards a day, so you’re done by Thanksgiving.  Create a holiday file to hold gift ideas.Marine Corps Logo
  10. Marine Corps Birthday (November 10) – thank any Marine that you know for his/her service.  We enjoy our freedom thanks to service people.
  11. Veterans’ Day (November 11):  thank a Veteran, whether currently serving in active duty or discharged or retired.  These people have all put their lives in jeopardy so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have such as choosing what you want to do with your life, go anywhere you want at any time you want, and a plethora of other liberties.
  12. Defrost your freezer to prepare for lots of holiday leftovers.  This is one tip that I offer in the 10-Step Supermarket Combination Technique in my website: Sort~N~Save.
  13. Thanksgiving Day Planning.  Decide what you will be serving on Thanksgiving Day so that you can capitalize on sales and promotions that will be at your local supermarkets.
  14. National Pomegranate Month: It could be possible that it was the pomegranate, and not the apple, that tempted Adam and Eve!  Getting at the arils (seeds) is really easier than many people think it is. Watch this YouTube video to see how easy it is to get those arils out. Old Ways Organization provides a neat poster: 12 Great ways to Use Pomegranates.
  15. Make plans to watch the Leonid Meteor Shower.  See for more information.
  16. Wipe down all kitchen cabinet doors and then apply lemon oil to preserve wood.  Wipe down the fronts of all kitchen cabinets, under kitchen cabinets and disinfect.
  17. The next time you change the sheets on your bed, if your mattress is more than 10 years old, flip your mattress so that your mattress lasts longer.
  18. Clean your kitchen in prep for the upcoming holidays.  I found a great article in The Kitchnn and another one in Readers’ Digest to make short work of cleaning your kitchen.
  19. Mickey Mouse’s Birthday (November 19).  Enjoy 15 Fun Facts about Mickey’s Birthday.
  20. National Family Week observed Thanksgiving week encourages families to spend quality time together in a variety of ways. Why is this important?  Your kids are one of the greatest investments you will ever have so it behooves you to spend time with them.
  21. Fresh cranberries will be on sale this time of year.  They freeze well so you can use them all year long. Cranberries are known to aid your digestive tract.  Fruits & Veggies, More Matters provides 10 ways to use cranberries.
  22. Review your Social Security Statement to ensure that it is correct.
  23. Wipe the front of televisions, stereo fronts, etc., with a lightly moistened antistatic dryer sheet such as Bounce so that you can clearly see the upcoming holiday movies and specials.
  24. Prepare for BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY.
  25. Set the timer for 30 minutes and conduct a POWER CLEANUP of your home so that you will feel calm and collected when unexpected visitors stop by over the upcoming holiday season rather than being embarrassed that things look messy.Thanksgiving Sign
  26. November 26 – Thanksgiving Day: Thaw your turkey safely; Cook your turkey safely.
  27. Capitalize on post-Thanksgiving sales by stocking up on sale items as stores try to reduce their Thanksgiving inventory to make more room for Christmas inventory.
  28. Begin to place your online orders for holiday gifts to ensure that you will have everything in time.
  29. Clean your gutters and downspouts.
  30. Clean heat vents and replace filters.  This task is more to help reduce your energy bill because when your heater does not have to work as hard to keep the temperature at a regular basis, it will work less. When it works less, it costs less.

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