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2 Microwave Basic Tips to Save Time and Money



I use a huge variety of Mighty Minnies all the time.  Each one saves a little tiny bit of time or a little tiny bit of money; however, when they become the fabric of my day-to-day life that all of those little bits of time and money, they end up making a big difference.

I find these tidbits of time-saving tips or money-saving tips from many sources.  This one is from the Produce for Better Health Foundation, which has an excellent quarterly resource.  The two tips below were in the Spring 2015 newsletter and they extrapolated the tips from Plastics Info Organization.


  1. Using containers that are round or oval in shape can help to head food more evenly.  With square or rectangular shaped containers, the corners tend to receive more energy, which can cause food to overcook in these areas.
  2. Salt on the surface of food tends to attract microwaves, which can dry out the outer layer.  If salt is desired, sprinkle it on the food after removal from the microwave.


You can see the other 11 tips that Plastics Info provided in their article titled: “Microwave Cooking: The Basics”.



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