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7 Tips to Put Yourself First



All of us are only going to pass this way one time. Below are 7 tips to put yourself first.  Why not make the very best of the time that you do have on this Earth?

Time management is critical in making the most of every day.  It is really important in order to put yourself first because most of us have more on our plate that we can handle. Sometimes, making a tiny change in the way we accomplish things makes a huge difference so we do not miss the obvious that is right in front of us.

1. Make Simple Revisions

  • Back into a parking space:
    • You will be able to see children or small animals that you would not see if you pull in and back out of the parking space
    • Those of us with arthritis have difficulty moving in the mornings. By backing into a parking space, you eliminate the need to turn and look over your shoulder
  • Move your phone at work from the left to right (or right to left) of the desk if it makes the flow of things go more smoothly
  • Freeze walnuts, pecans, cashews, etc. so that you can take the pressure off using them before they go rancid
  • You get the idea

2. Forgive Yourself


There are many things that happen or do not happen that cause you to get frustrated or angry with yourself.

  • Did you miss a deadline?
  • Did you fail to meet your weight loss goal?
  • Did you bomb out on a test in school?

There is not one single thing will change by feeling bad or angry with yourself. When you are, you miss opportunities that are right in front of you that could be used to correct the situation

3. Enjoy Every Day


Make a point of driving to and from work or school using different routes. When you drive to and from work or school using the same route, you get stuck in a rut and miss the variety of scenes that offer opportunities to see different things:

  • I found a pond that I never knew existed before I started doing this. Add to that, one day I saw egrets in the pond as they hunted to food! I have since discovered that during the spring and summer months, the egrets are frequently there.
  • I saw stores that I never knew were there before I changed my route. I guess I noticed them because of an item that was on my next week’s task list

4. Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Large tasks seem less daunting when you divide large tasks into bite-sized pieces.  In fact, when you set things up so you can complete small tasks, you experience a feeling of accomplishment. The more small tasks you complete the greater the feeling of accomplishment.

  • Always complete the most important task first.

5. Lazy Pays Double

I had a friend years ago that used that statement many times; particularly when he had tried to take a shortcut that did not work. His point was when you try to cut out key steps in an attempt to complete a task faster, many times you end up having to clean up the mess AND still have the original task that still needs to be completed. Before you cut corners, think ahead.

  • Taking one trip from the car to home with groceries rather than two:
    • If something falls from the bag and drops to the ground and breaks, not only do you have to clean up the mess; but now you also have to replace the item(s)!
  • Putting just one more item on a tray table, thinking that you will put the stuff away when you get up
    • When stuff falls off the table, even if nothing breaks, not only do you still have to put the things on the table away, but now you have to get some of the stuff that fell onto the floor
    • You get the idea

6. Build “Me Time” into Your Schedule

Another way to make the best of the time that you have is to spend some time with yourself.

  • Make an appointment with yourself. I mean that in the literal sense. Actually block out an hour each week to do things that you really enjoy. You are important. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing and then make an appointment with yourself during upcoming weeks and months to enjoy some of those things:
    • I love to read. I finally made myself a promise that I would read at least 15 minutes every single night before going to bed to read. I look forward to those 15 minutes.
    • Do you enjoy walks in the park? Make an actual appointment on your calendar for you to go to the park on a weekend or during the week on the way home from work
    • Do you enjoy shopping? Schedule an appointment on your calendar to go to the any of the stores that you enjoy or the mall. Etc.
  • You get the idea


 7. Reward Yourself

  • Every time you accomplish something, remember to reward yourself. Rewards are a fun way to keep you moving in the right direction.


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