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For those of you who have dogs, you will know what a great companion they are. They know when you are upset or not feeling well. At those times, they just lay next to you to keep you company.  Have you ever noticed that your dog will never want to play when he/she knows that you are upset or not feeling well, even if you never say one single word? Your dog senses those feelings.

When I have really bad days at work, I cannot wait to get home because I know that Bijou (my dog) will be anxiously waiting for me and the INSTANT I step foot in my front door, all the issues that I faced all day long at work, suddenly were wiped away.


So, because my dog provides so much companionship for me, I love to return the favor. She LOVES treats. The great thing about this is that I found a way to get treats that she LOVES and they cost me about 200% LESS than purchasing the treats I used to get! No exaggeration.

How, you ask? I use kibble for large dogs as treats for Bijou. She gets 4-6 treats each day. When I was buying treats that are sold as treats, I was paying $4-5 for a package of 12-18 treats.

That is it! Simple!

Now for the math: even if I gave her 4-6 treats each day, a $4-5 package would last about 4-5 days. So, for a year, I was paying more than $300 each year just for treats.

Bijou is allergic to chicken and it is next to impossible to find treats that do not have chicken or chicken byproducts or chicken juice in the ingredients. Even liver treats have chicken in them! Even bison treats have chicken byproducts! Even lamb treats have chicken byproducts!

So I chatted with a rep at a pet food store and he suggested that I consider using dog kibble such as Solid Gold or Timberwolf and Blue Buffalo for treats (without any chicken in the ingredients). Since these types of dog kibble are primarily made for large dogs, the kibble is larger than what Bijou normally gets. Although she cannot talk, I can tell you that she LOVES those treats.  How do I know? Because all I have to do is to TOUCH the jar I keep the kibble (treats) in and she magically appears!

Save Money

A 4 pound bag of Solid Gold costs $11 and provides about 16-18 cups of kibble that I use as treats. Because she gets 4-6 treats a day, and there are about 50 pieces of kibble in one-quarter cup, a 4 pound bag of Solid Gold lasts for about one year. That is my idea of a win/win situation!

$300/year versus $11/year and Bijou loves these “treats”


p.s. I use some of the kibble for her daily meals to prevent the kibble from going rancid.


Updated: August 8, 2015 — 8:01 pm

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