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How Colors Affect You, Part 5



The final article in the How Colors Affect You Series is below.  I hope you found the information that I provided over the past 5 weeks informational and helpful.



Alexander G. Schauss, the Senior Director for American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research (AIBMR), published an article detailing research that he conducted titled: “Tranquilizing Effect of Color Reduces Aggressive Behavior and Potential Violence”. In his article, he detailed that a specific shade of pink can reduce feelings of anger or agitation. This particular shade of pink relaxes hostile behavior when using the appropriate pink for 10-15 minutes. In the same article, it was detailed that the color pink could cause significant muscular strength loss when a subject has pink in front of his/her eyes. When the pink is replaced with blue, the subject’s strength returns, with no lasting sign of the muscular strength loss. Of 153 tests, only 2 failed to lose muscular strength.

Pink holding cells were tried in a prison in California without as much success due to the number of confines that were in the room simultaneously. However, interestingly, the new confines were so aware of the effect of pink on hostility and loss of muscle that they tried to scratch the pink off the walls!

  • Positive associations: softness, sweetness, nurturing, intuitive, tenderness, kindness, hope, comforting, calm, romance, friendship, nostalgia, lacks aggression, generous, sensitive
  • Negative associations: nostalgia, passive, lack of willpower, inexperience, over emotional, immature, unresolved
  • Common expressions: tickled pink, pink slip, in the pink, pinkie,
  • Sensational Color provides a long list of popular phrases


  • Positive associations: prestige, state-of-the-art, and scientific, high tech, determined, organized, illumination, modern, scientific, dignity, reflection, insightful, intuitive, sophistication, responsibility, sleek

For the above reasons, Jaguar extensively uses silver in their marketing

  • Negative associations: lonely, lifeless, melancholy, indecisive
  • Common expressions: on a silver platter, silver lining, silver screen, silver anniversary


  • Positive associations: prestige, warmth, value, luxury, generosity, achievement, abundance, richness, optimistic, compassionate, confidant, first place, royal, charisma, quality
  • Negative associations: egotistical, opportunistic, demanding, false, extravagance, imaginary hopes
  • Common expressions: good as gold, gold mine, pot of gold, heart of gold, worth its weight in gold, strike gold

I also found it interesting to read that many marketing companies tend to use GOLD because people associate “inexpensive” with that color.


  • Positive associations: elegance, luxury, power, strength, sophistication, power, discipline, independence, conservative, predictable, formal, prestige, determined, and methodical
  • Negative associations: Solemn, fear, unknown, grief, tragedy, death, evil, sadness, depression, mourning, mystery, blacklist, blackmail, black eye, secretive, intimidation, pessimistic
  • Common expressions:  black out, black eye, black sheep, pitch black
  • Sensational Color provides a long list of popular phrases


  • Positive associations: Pure, clean, simplicity, innocent, safety, medicine, beginning, snow, equality, impartial, encouragement, refreshing, immaculate, pristine. Commonly used in bathrooms to imply freshness and a feeling of being “clean”
  • Negative associations: empty, detachment, unconcern, indifference, stark, distant, unimaginative
  • Common expressions: white lie, white elephant
  • Sensational Color provides a long list of popular phrases


  • Positive associations: conservative, little grey cells (brain from Agatha Christie’s mystery series with Belgian detective: Hercule Poirot), neutral, impartial, compromise, solid, composure, reliable, dignified, classic, dependable
  • Negative associations: dull, uninteresting, dreariness, gloom, lonely, isolation, vagueness, apathetic, indecision, depression, lifeless
  • Sensational Color provides a long list of popular phrases


Dark browns suggest masculinity. Light browns warmth and femininity

  • Positive associations: earth, nature, genuine, reliable, autumn, relaxation, casual, harvest, dependable, simple, outdoors, stable, responsible, sophistication, practical, friendly, confident, sensitive
  • Negative associations: stinginess, cheap, materialistic, unworldliness, predictable,
  • Common expressions: brown bagging, brown nose
  • Sensational Color provides a long list of popular phrases

Hopefully the information provided will help you to use color for your own personal needs.

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