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National S’Mores Day




If you decide to have a picnic or during one of your camping trips or even over your barbeque grille in your back yard, why not incorporate National S’Mores Day?  Although apparently the Girl Scouts created this recipe in 1927, I love the press release that was issued by Hershey Chocolates in 2009 because the information in the press release is extensive and I love trivia.  Also, in my own case, my daughter-in-law does not even like S’mores!  However, she LOVES roasting the marshmallows.  So we capitalize on her doing the roasting and we enjoy the fruits of her labor!

One more story I want to share.  When my son and Sala were dating, while they were both in high school, my son and I went camping many weekends throughout the summer.  We took Sala one weekend and that was an experience in itself because she had never been camping before.  However, one night at the campfire, we made s’mores.  Sala tried one and HATED it but she loved roasting the marshmallows.


I don’t even remember why we laughed so much; however, one that I do remember is she was roasting the marshmallow and suddenly it caught fire because she got it too close to the flames.  She tried putting out the flames by waving the marshmallow that was at the end of the stick wildly, which only made the flames bigger.  The dances she did while trying to figure out what on earth to do with this ignited marshmallow made us laugh so hard we all doubled over.  Finally, the marshmallow flew off the stick and hit my cockapoo (Rascal) who was bouncing around and all excited at Sala dancing and hooting and hollering.

Rascal was fine because everyone went into super-power mode and made sure she was safe.  However, my son – who always has been quick-minded immediately popped up with: “Hey – look! It’s a Stay-Puff Puppy!”



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