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Why Making Memories Is Important



My goal with this post is that if I provide information about what has happened in my life to cause me to believe that making memories throughout my lifetime is absolutely critical, that you will make the correlation about why making memories is important in your own life.  You will find your own way that fits with your life and your family’s lifestyle to make your own unique memories. The bottom line is the importance that you spend quality time making memories.

Let me explain why I feel so strongly about making memories: I worked in a nursing home for almost 10 years and one thing that never changed was the number of residents who interacted with each other as they shared their memories throughout their lives as opposed to those residents who had nothing to do or to talk about and as a result, became very angry.  For those folks, none of the other residents in the nursing home would befriend them due to their anger and constant complaining, which caused those residents to become reclusive and they stayed in their rooms, waiting for death to come.

Wheel Chair

Although I certainly hope that I do not end up in a nursing home, I am painfully aware that none of those people wanted to be in a nursing home.  Therefore, I prefer to spend my time making memories for two reasons.  One reason is of the two types of people I described above, I want to be one that interacts with others rather than becoming reclusive.  The other reason is that when the going gets tough in my life right now, I take a mental time out and spend an hour going through scrapbooks I made with friends and my granddaughter, travelogues I wrote during all of my vacations with family and friends, photo albums, and a host of other memories that I have around home.

I read an article in Acupuncture that struck home with me partly because of what I just mentioned above and also because this short article succinctly states exactly how I have come to feel.  I copied this short article into a task reminder and I recur the task to pop up one time each month so that it stays in the forefront of my mind so that I continue implementing the tips into my day-to-day life.  I feel that it is important enough that I have copied the entire article into this post rather than asking you to go to their website to read the article.

Making Time Count

When time is gone, it is gone forever; be mindful of time. Enjoy your time on this earth, and make it as wonderful as you possibly can. Spend some time alone in silence; hopefully in a natural environment.

Hour Glass

Keep household clutter under daily control in order to maximize free time. Do a few chores every day, so that your free time will be freer for fun. Prioritize; do the most difficult things first and get them over with.

Pre-organize and pre-plan large-scale projects like garage cleaning. Large projects may need to be broken down into several smaller, achievable stages. Plan a reward for yourself after completing a particularly daunting project.

Say no to time-consuming, free time activities that are not important to you. Consider all the possibilities and then pick just one or two fun choices. Include people who are important to you in your favorite pastimes.

Allow yourself to make mistakes; worrying is a waste of precious time.

New York State Fair Logo

I would like to share one of my memories and how I incorporate that into my life now. One of the things that we did when I was a child every year was: my Mother would pack up the family and we all went to the New York State Fair.  Because funds were tight, we always packed a lunch to bring with us and we sat on the grass somewhere on the New York State Fair grounds and had lunch and laughed and had a great time together. Even after I was married and had a son and we went “back home” to visit over Labor Day weekends, we all went to the New York State Fair and still packed our lunch.

Our lunch was always the same thing because we all loved it, including my son.  Mom made sandwiches out of grinding up hot dogs with dill pickles, onions, and mayonnaise, cut up cucumbers (fresh from our garden), and some sort of homemade dessert. The taste of the hot dog mixture was different from anything that I have ever had. Even today, after all these years have passed, I still have not tasted anything that is even remotely close to the taste of the “New York State Fair Sandwiches”, which is what we called them.

Hot Dog and Menu

Now that I’ve grown up and am out on my own, I discovered that every year, around Labor Day, for some reason, I always began to think about “New York State Fair sandwiches”. It finally dawned on me that the reason was, all the laughing and good times we had during those lunches as we sat on the grass or picnic tables at the New York State Fair each year.  I guess the hot dog sandwich mixture is the conduit to those memories. Therefore, I built having New York State Fair Sandwiches into my annual menu right around Labor Day each year.  I only have it one week out of each year because I want to continue remembering all the goofy things we did all those years at the New York State Fair each Labor Day weekend.



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