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Giveaway and Buy-In Suggestions



Giveaway Suggestions to Support Goals & Expectations

  • $5 gift certificate to iTunes, GameStop, chocolatier, book store, toy store, etc.  You can also earn gift certificates for free by using a rewards program that you belong to.
  • Body lotion, lip gloss, shampoo in their favorite scent
  • Brightly colored small notebooks from Dollar Stores, Party stores, etc.
  • Certificates and Invitations (for Family and Friends Activities): if you have MS Office on your computer, you already have a selection of templates to use.  You can use the search field to find certificates, invitations, etc.  123 Certificates also offers a variety of free templates.
  • Oriental Trading for a huge variety of low cost prizes or gifts
  • Personalized USB drives
  • Two movie tickets (for each child to use and one so they can take a friend).  You can get movie tickets at discounted rates or even free: Groupon, Costco, Regency Rewards Program, free Red Box codes (from The Balance), etc.
  • Two tickets to their favorite museum (one for them/one for a friend)
  • Scratch-off lottery tickets for every member of the family
  • Party favors come in a huge variety of choices: check clearance or sales at party supply warehouses, Party City, etc.

Buy-In Suggestions if Your Kids Do Not Come Up with Anything

  • Pay It Forward: Volunteer as a Family: There are a bunch of reasons to get involved as a family.  See Kids Health, Volunteer with Your Kids, Volunteering and Its Surprising Benefits, Opportunities by State, Adopt a Homeless Shelter**.
    • If you like dogs and cats, consider asking a local SPCA if you and your family can volunteer to help out sometimes.
    • ** My son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter did adopt a homeless shelter.  When my granddaughter got to know some of the people who lived at the shelter, she learned that the people there were just like she and her family were.  However, they were down on their luck.  They stopped by the shelter once every 1-2 weeks to say “hi”, sometimes to take them to a local botanical garden (the garden let them in for free), bought and made Christmas gifts for the people who lived in the shelter.
  • Family Game Night: My son & daughter-in-law did that with their daughter and she LOVED those nights.  They popped popcorn and pulled out a board game and laughed and played and had lots of fun.  In fact, my granddaughter would ask the relatives when we came to visit, if they could have a “family game night” while we were all there because she loved it so much.
  • Many areas offer free concerts: we used to pack a picnic dinner, bring our lawn chairs and blankets and find a spot on a hill to watch the concert.  Not only did our family interact with each other but the kids made friends with other kids who were also there.
  • Design a family Website: You can use a free, basic website builder such as Weebly.  It is very easy to use, even for beginners and you can post photos to your website.
  • Get pumpkins (in the autumn) from the farmers market (cheaper there), bring them home and have a pumpkin decorating contest by PAINTING the pumpkins. Take pictures of each pumpkin and reward everyone with hot cider and donuts at the end – of course taking picture of the party. Post the parties on Facebook or Pinterest


  1. Go on a walk
  2. Go to the zoo
  3. Have a family slumber party
  4. Camp in the backyard
  5. Go through baby photos
  6. Plant a garden
  7. Visit a new museum
  8. Make a collage from old magazines
  9. Buy and fly a kite
  10. Go for a hike
  11. Have a race
  12. Cook S’mores over a fire
  13. Learn to make paper airplanes then race them
  14. Walk to the store and buy ice cream bars
  15. Tell scary stories in the dark
  16. Family bike ride
  17. Draw funny faces of each other together
  18. Go bowling
  19. Visit a homeless shelter
  20. Make homemade play dough
  21. Go to a local outdoor concert
  22. Learn how to use a compass
  23. Plant a tree
  24. Visit an animal shelter
  25. Go bird watching
  26. Go to the lake
  27. Drive to your downtown city and read historical signs
  28. Make monkey bread
  29. Go fishing
  30. Make a new culture dinner
  31. Play in the sprinklers
  32. Say why you’re grateful for each other
  33. Assign Secret Santa’s to each other when it’s not Christmas. Do kind acts for each other
  34. Leave a kind note for the mailman
  35. Have a lemonade stand
  36. Walk a dog
  37. Make homemade candles
  38. Visit a senior center
  39. Mix soda flavors at a local convenience store, taste test them afterward and guess the flavors
  40. Have ice cream for breakfast
  41. Have breakfast for dinner
  42. Create animals from hand prints
  43. Make a bird feeder
  44. Clean up litter on the street
  45. Create an obstacle course outdoors and have a race
  46. Bike ride to your favorite lunch spot
  47. Have a picnic
  48. Go the dollar movies
  49. Go to the airport and watch the planes take off
  50. Say I love you every day



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