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Emergency Preparedness, Finale



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Finale – Set Task Reminders and Celebrate!


Set task reminders (whether electronic or stashed in a calendar) to conduct a brief review of each GO BAG annually to ensure that everything is current; replace items that have expiration dates, replace bottled water (replace the current bottled water that is part of your emergency GO KIT in your home with new bottled water and use the current bottled water in your home).

Set a task reminder to review your photo inventory to ensure that it is current.

  • Ensure that all GO BAGS are located in one area so that everything can be grabbed at a moment’s notice.
    • Conduct a walk through emergency drill for the entire family.
      • Appoint your kids as Safety Officers and explain that their job is pretend there is an emergency. What would they do? Where would they go? Can they reach the GO BAGS? What items are missing?
    • Consider contacting your local fire department and asking them to review your plan or provide you with tips that they have.
    • Schedule an emergency drill – in the middle of the night – to make sure that everyone does know what to do. The reason for the middle of the night drill is to make sure that you organized everything so that it makes sense – even when people are not quite awake. Rather find out now and be able to correct any issues than to wait until an actual emergency or disaster and not have time to make corrections.
    • Consider asking the kids to play several games to see how much they’ve learned this past month. One is offered by the READY Campaign: Master Disaster and Build a Kit.
  • Conduct a ‘walk through’ to ensure that you have addressed as many possible issues as possible. It was during a ‘walk through’ that I initially discovered that I needed to have a way to open the cans!

Congratulations! When you get to this point, you will have current, comprehensive GO BAGS for every member of your family and for each pet that can be immediately grabbed if you face an emergency or disaster.

The Grand Finale

  • Decide on one large reward – the one that you will ONLY get when your entire project is finished – and that includes getting the duplicate copies of photos, color copies, and CDs to your off-site safe deposit box or family/friend’s fireproof safe, etc.
  • No cheating. No rewards until you have completely completed this entire challenge, including getting the duplicate copy safely stored off site. No “borrowing” against tasks that “you will get around to doing”.


Resources: Help for AFTER an Emergency or Disaster





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