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A Frugal Craft Using a Child’s Step Stool



If you read my blog posts regularly, you will know that I am a huge advocate of making memories.  For this project, my granddaughter (Sami) and I had loads of fun re-purposing a child’s step stool that I found.  This is the kind of step stool that I knew as a child myself.  Back then, things were made to last: they were strong and very sturdy and hardly ever broke down.

Step Stool with Cutouts

We went through photos that we took during many of our family vacations and cut up some brochures that I had brought home from Walt Disney World and also an article about a French Chateau that is in my family’s genealogy (château d’Amboise).  After we rounded all of these items, we played around with moving the photos and brochure cutouts around the top of the stool so we could see as many as possible.

When that was done, we took a photo of the top so we would remember the layout before we sanded down the stool followed by staining it with wood stain.

Next, we glued the photos and cut outs from brochures in place and then lathered decoupage all over the photos.  It took about 4 coats of the stuff before all of the raised edges were completely covered and protected.

Of course, we had to wait for one layer of decoupage to dry before lathering on another coat so it took several months for us to finish the stool because I only did it when she came to my home to visit.

Then we tried to make “Pixie Dust” on the top of the protected photos and brochures.  The results were not as great as either of us had hoped; however, WE knew it was supposed to be pixie dust!

The final step was to pain several layers of varnish on top of everything and to let it completely dry between coats of varnish.

The surprise?  I ended up borrowing it back (and it now lives in my home) because I now have arthritis and the stool is just short enough that I am able to step up on it and yet not too tall that I cannot get up to the step!  I will put it in my will for Sami, which should give her a kick because I love joking around.  What better way for her to remember all the fun we had for all those months being creative!  As you know if you read my blogs regularly, I love making memories!



Step Stool Side View


Step Stool End View


Step Stool Top View






Updated: October 5, 2015 — 7:13 pm

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