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Hey – thanks for stopping by Sort~N~Save. There is so much information on the Internet to get organized and to save money. So, what is different about this website?

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Find out how to get organized by combining tasks and/or different ways to complete those tasks by using what I call “Mighty Minnies”. They take next to no time to complete, so you end up with more free time and less stress. Check out the pages of this website to find many ways to do it.


Road map to goals

Learn how to get save money as you get products and services that you normally use on a regular basis (such as food, utilities, gasoline, etc.) by using less money. It is all perfectly legal and you do not need to purchase anything or spend one single penny more than you do right now. You just need to know how to do it and have Internet access.

When you include “Combination Techniques” BEFORE you pay for those products or services and you end up saving money. The more steps you include, the more money you can save. It is all in the way you do it and how many steps you combine in the process. It is that simple.


I had a mentor (Bert) who teaches doing everything in life in a positive direction. He has shown me that you can accomplish much more by using positive methods. Although I sometimes like completing challenges, the word “challenges” bothers me because it has a negative connotation. Phraseology is everything. My friend (Sharyl) pointed out that challenges really are opportunities that help people to accomplish goals. That is how O4U came about. I also prefer to implement tasks differently. Rather than setting actual dates that a task should be completed (which already sets me up for failure), I prefer to use “phases”. Check out O4U to find out why.

I will show you how to ~ SORT ~ and ~ SAVE ~ throughout this website using tips, tricks, and techniques I have learned over the years so that you can have more time and money that you can use for your dreams. I will provide a variety of O4Us that you can toy around with that will help you and your family in a variety of ways.


That is what is different about this website.


Thanks for visiting.

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Please consider leaving comments on the various webpages and blog posts if you have other tips we can share or to let me know whether or not you agree with the info on those pages.



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