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To give you a little bit of information about me: I have 25+ years of experience of being an Executive Secretary. I have worked with CEOs, Senior Directors, National Marketing Managers, Operations Managers, Controllers, Division Chiefs, and an additional 12 years of working in general office settings.


Each of the executives with whom I worked had their own idiosyncrasies. Some wanted to inspect every single piece of paper that came into their office; however, the majority of the execs simply wanted me to run their offices and let them know whenever I ran into issues I could not resolve by myself.


You will find that I provide many free references and links throughout the pages of this website. My goal is to provide so much useful information that people will be encouraged to try the links and references that I provide. If you find that the info throughout this website helps you to save money and/or get organized, please use the links I provide, some of which are referral links. That means if you use those links and purchase an item or sign up with a program that I have recommended, your price will not be affected at all, nor will you receive any fewer benefits of programs I recommend. However, I will receive referral credits that I can use to realize my own goal/dream, which is to supplement my retirement social security check so that I can continue to be “Traveling Nana”.

Tame the Chaos


SORT: I provide many of the tricks throughout this website that I learned while working with those execs. Even if you do not work in an office atmosphere, learning how to be proactive rather than being reactive will save you time and in many cases, money, in your everyday life. There are many steps you can take to tame chaos, whether it is at work, at school, or at home


Catching Money

SAVE: My daughter-in-law is absolutely amazing at how far she can make money go. She walked me through some of the steps she completed BEFORE she paid for services and products that she and my son normally use. I conducted extensive research to find other ways to earn rewards, points, and cash back. The first time that I “paid” for a stay at a Hampton Inn and it did not cost me one single penny, I was elated. The same techniques can be used to get rental cars for almost free, free gift cards, and cash back. I had originally intended to publish a book (How to Get Stuff for Free); however, technology advanced so quickly that each time I was ready to publish the book, it was already outdated with new technology! Therefore, I decided to provide that info via a website. There are many, many steps that you can include BEFORE making a purchase that will save money. The more steps you include, the more money you save or the more cash back you will receive or the more points you will earn that you can convert to free gift cards. I refer to this process as Combination Techniques. You do not need to buy anything at all to use these techniques. You do need to have internet access; however, you clearly already have that if you are reading this webpage.


By the way, to prove that there are ways to significantly reduce amounts of money that you pay for a variety of products and services, I took a photo of a rental car receipt that I got while on vacation in Hawaii with my family this past June. We used a rental car the entire 11 days that we were in Hawaii. During a 3-day excursion to the Big Island, we used rentals from 2 different companies. I got a one-day rental from Avis and then she got a 2-day rental from Hertz. The bill for my Avis initially started at $119.50. Using the tricks that my daughter-in-law uses, she was able to get the rental down from $119.50 for the day to $8.17 for the day! See the photo below of my invoice. I circled 6 items and then explained what they are below.

I circled 4 items and put an arrow by 2 items and then explained what they are below.

Avis Rental Bill

  1. Total Miles Driven: 221 Miles
  2. Pickup Date/Time: June 13, 2014 @ 7:11am
  3. Return Date/Time: June 13, 2014 @ 8:20pm
  4. Daily Rate: $53.99
  5. Notice that it is added and then deducted
  6. NET CHARGES: USD $8.17


$4.50 = Customer Facility Charge

$0.46 = Vehicle License Fee

$0.21 = Sales Tax

$3.00 = Highway Surcharge

$8.17 Total


For our vacation in Hawaii (12 days), we spent about 75% LESS than most other people would have spent. We did that by using a variety of Combination Techniques involving (1) travel, (2) saving money when making online purchases, (3) dining out, (4) using different companies for car rentals, and (5) making money online.


My goal with this website is to provide so much free information to help other people save money that they will be willing to purchase some of the more involved techniques, which will be available with a membership to my website or purchasing eBooks. When that happens, I will be able to supplement my retirement check so that I can continue to be “Traveling Nana”.


Traveling Nana

Thank you!
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Traveling Nana






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