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Be Quiet

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I learned one trick that made a profound effect in many areas of my life from a family friend and artist, Betty Collins. This one technique puts things in a totally different perspective so that you can think outside the box, every single time. I’d like to share that technique.

The lesson? Two simple words: “Be Quiet

Her point was: when you are “too close to the trees, you cannot see the forest”. When the world is rushing past you, you need to find a way to step aside for a few minutes so that you can slow things down.
Find someplace where you can be by yourself for a few minutes and do several things:
  1. Put something to take notes next to you (pen and pad) and also a timer
  2. Go to a quiet location, or at least, turn off the television, stereo, computer, etc.
  3. Sit, get comfortable, and give yourself at least 5 minutes to do this entire process
  4. Set the timer for 5 minutes, so you do not keep looking at a clock to find out how much time passed (guess how I know that?!)
  5. Breathe deeply through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds, and exhale through your mouth 5 times. This will help to clear your mind
  6. As you exhale, mentally attach the problem or issue that you are encountering to the air as it leaves your body
  7. If you keep looking at different things around you that prevent you from totally relaxing and focusing on the project or problem at hand, then close your eyes
  8. What are you thinking and feeling right now?
  9. When the timer goes off, immediately write down the ideas that will flow through your mind; whether they are related to the existing issue or not. Two terms for this are: “Brainstorming” and “Mindmapping”.
    1. Many times, some of the notes you write down are useful for other issues that are going on in your life; however, you have been so focused on the current issue that everything else has taken a ‘back seat’. You might amaze yourself at some of the creative, unique ideas you come up with.

I discovered some very creative things that I could do to get past a hurdle or found an easier way to complete a project or task that were there all along; however, I was so focused on the clutter that was all around me that I simply could not think.

If you want to read some of the lessons that I learned from Be Quiet, please check out Unexpected Lessons.  In my wildest dreams I never would have thought of the solutions that solved 2 different problems.

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