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I have worked as an Executive Secretary for more than 30 years.  Over the years, I have worked for Vice Presidents, a Corporate Controller, a National Marketing Manager, a General Manager, a Manager of Multicultural Marketing, a Corporate Sales Manager, a Senior Director of Global Sourcing and Communication Management, and a variety of Chiefs of Departments.  In each case, I asked the executive for recommendations as I left the companies.  Below are some of the testimonials that I received.

As expected, each of those executives came with their own set of idiosyncrasies and each very different from the other.  Each had a company, sometimes an international company, to run.  The only way for me to successfully support them was for me to learn a huge variety of trick so that I could stay ahead of them.  Many times, I knew what they would need before they had asked me for an item.  All I had to do was to get far enough away from a task so that I could analyze it so that I would know what steps would work best.

I have always asked supervisors and bosses with whom I have worked over the years to write a letter of recommendation or testimonial that I could use at future jobs.  I decided to use those letters to show proof of my experience for this website.  Please see below.

I would like to provide a recommendation for Jeanne.  During the time that Jeanne has worked with me, she has demonstrated an exemplary ability to quickly come up to speed on a host of duties for the executives she supports.  Examples: successfully managed the calendars for four executives in a fast paced and demanding environment, proactively scheduled and prepared meetings for internal and external clients in a timely fashion, organizes all aspects of domestic and international travel, including securing visas and passports, prepared internal reports and presentations in a timely fashion, etc.  Jeanne maintained a positive, upbeat and professional manner despite the many demands that were placed on her.  She is a pleasure to work with.
M. Anderson
Sr. Director, Global Sourcing &
Communication Management

During the time that I worked with Jeanne, she demonstrated the ability to independently take on challenging assignments, managing the responsibilities of the department, coordination of team activities, and special projects with great dedication and enthusiasm.  Dedication is not something that Jeanne lacks as she puts in very long hours and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done right.  Jeanne was instrumental in assisting and coordinating Multicultural Competencies programs for the leading brands of AstraZeneca.  Although faced with tight timelines and a pressured atmosphere, Jeanne excelled in each of her work-streams.  Her interpersonal skills are excellent and her work ethic is exemplary.  I am especially taken by her prompt response and “can-do” attitude.  I am confident that Jeanne will both continue to grow from, and give back as a valued contributor to the formula of success of any company.
R. E. Madrazo
Sr. Director HCP Diabetes Brands
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Jeanne has worked as my secretary for the past 8 years.   Let me list some of the skills that she has and in turn, you will appreciate her responsibilities: expert at all word processing programs, expert typist, preparation of manuscripts, budgets including preparation of spreadsheets, ordering, verifying invoices, preparing accounting ledgers, preparation of all materials for international medical meetings including reviewing contracts,  preparation and typesetting of brochures and mailings, invitations to speakers, all details related to invited speakers including travel and housing arrangements, honoraria, slide presentation, interaction with audiovisual personnel, division newsletter, training and education of new personnel at all levels including physicians, coordinators and physician assistants, scheduling of patients, providing emotional support to patients and families, collating of all medical records for our use as well as referral of patients to other places and transcription of dictated letters about clinic visits, discharge summaries and patient follow-up.  She is an extremely dedicated, highly skilled professional, functioning in a high stress practice and a high stress environment often with little backup for all the things that she does.
M. E. Trigg, MD
Chief, Div. Blood & Bone Marrow Transplantation
Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Jeanne has proven herself to be an invaluable co-worker. During her tenure at Parkview there were numerous accomplishments accredited to her. One was setting up and maintaining our computer system. She is the liaison between our staff and the software technical staff.  At one point, our software programs were changed from WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 to MS Office (Word and Excel).  Under the leadership of Jeanne, this conversion went smoothly.  She quickly mastered the new programs, converted the documents from WordPerfect to Word, and even trained our clerical staff.
V. Strong
Medical Records
Parkview Nursing & Rehab Center

I have worked closely with Jeanne the past three years and I am pleased to write this letter.  I have known Jeanne to be willing to go the extra mile and jump in to help others regardless of whose job it is, and she does so with a positive attitude.  A major accomplishment of hers was to assemble a nursing policy & procedure manual.  This entailed contacting other facilities as well as working with our own staff to formulate a manual complete with cross references that is easy to use. She re-typed the information received from other facilities and information sources and created binders for each of our nursing units.  Our sister facility uses these policies for their own manuals.
C. Cobb
Corporate Accountant
Parkview Nursing & Rehab Center

It is with great pleasure and ease that I sit down to write this letter of recommendation for Jeanne.  She has been challenged by a position which is demanding with extreme accuracy; columns of numbers, charts, and graphs; highly confidential and sensitive information; and responsibility for training of other Associates.  Many of these were beyond her defined functional responsibility.  Though sometimes faced with “unfamiliar territory”, she always rose to meet it with high spirits, optimize, and vigor.  Her positive, enthusiastic approach and attitude toward the most taxing of tasks and intimidating of projects is one at which I have often marveled. To describe her contribution as that of an exemplary secretary would be an injustice.  She is an asset who will always bring large returns on any investment one might make in her.
A. L. Lewis
Materials Manager
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanne for a number of years.  She has had a most difficult position as she has served as Secretary to the management teams at our facility.  In addition, she has been in charge of personnel and employee insurance.  Although I cannot speak for the Vice President or General Manager, as my Secretary she produced my monthly report of operations for my three divisions.  She produced all my statistical analysis reports.  She also did the telephoning of all past due accounts receivable.  She also produced my monthly financial statements and distributed the bound copies.
B. E. Trenary
Group Controller
Electronic Enclosures &
Wyle Laboratories
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