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Another Way to Earn Points

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Right now, the ball is in the court of customers who want to save money by ordering some of their groceries online and picking them up at the store. This tip might not be for everyone; however, it’s worth looking into this option. It is another way to earn points.


Another way to earn points is to change history

Roman Soldier

History is repeating itself again. As has happened many times throughout history, one merchant takes a chance with a brand new idea while other merchants sit on the sidelines and watch to find out if the idea will work before they get on board.


Another way to earn points or cash back that most people do not consider is to purchase some of the items on your grocery list online so that you can earn points (to be converted later on to free gift cards) or cash back (if your credit card pays cash back OR if you belong to a cash back company). Have the items shipped to the supermarket or drugstore where you will be going to avoid paying shipping fees.


Below are some examples of merchants that tried something new through history while their competitors waited and watched to find out if the new idea would work before they jumped on the bandwagon.


  • In 1851 when the B. A. Babbitt Company initiated the first marketing technique that was intended to capture the attention of other businesses (encouraged women to mail box tops and wrappers of their soap in exchange for a picture of flowers).


  • In 1872 the Grand Union Tea
    History repeats itself with this example

    Boiling Tea Kettle

    Company was the first to issue cardboard tickets to customers at Grand Union stores, which were redeemed for merchandise in their catalog.


  • In 1886: Asa Griggs Candler, a pharmacist who purchased the formula for Coca-Cola, provided
    Asa Griggs Cancler provided hand-written tickets


    handwritten tickets for a free glass of the fountain beverage to encourage customers to try the new product.


  • In 1891, The Schuster and Company Department Store invented the first marketing system of using trading stamps to encourage customers to repeatedly return. Customers received trading stamps with every purchase that they could accumulate and redeem later for products


  • In 1911 Esso Gasoline gave customers a full color scenic
    ESSO gave a full color place mat with every 8-gallon fill up

    Gasoline Pump

    placemat for 19 cents with an 8-gallon fill up. By the way, Esso was a phonetic acronym of Standard Oil: “S” and “O” from Standard Oil (eSsO).


  • In 1916: Clarence Saunders revolutionized the grocery industry when he opened the first self-service grocery store called Piggly Wiggly, where every item in the establishment had a price on it and customers got the products themselves rather than giving their grocery list to the grocery store clerk and the clerk gathered all the items. All the other local grocers waited, fully expecting Piggly Wiggly to fail and they continued serving customers themselves, as was customary at that time. It was only when their customers gravitated to Piggly Wiggly so they could serve themselves that the other grocers rushed to do the same thing.
New Concept to have non-perishables delivered to you

Shopping Cart

NEW CONCEPT: Today, some supermarkets and drugstores are beginning to offer a new technique. Have you noticed that some stores have new “drive through” sections of their stores/parking lots? The idea is to let consumers order online and have the items delivered to the store where customers can drive up and get the items they ordered.


Use the internet to have non-perishables delivered to you


Apparently this technique is being well received by consumers who want to earn points because I’m noticing more supermarkets and drugstores that have added “drive-through” sections to their stores. For anyone who takes advantage of the opportunities of online ordering, this is a great way to make significant points and/or cash back. Additionally, as with other online purchases, many items are cheaper when purchased in this manner.


If you find this opportunity appealing; however, the stores that you frequent have not yet added drive through options, inquire at the Customer Service counter of your favorite stores. Let them know that you are interested in this technique as another way to earn points and an easier way to get non-perishable grocery items.


Personally, I LOVE this idea because I get many, many free gift cards and cash back checks by using online purchasing. This provided another opportunity for me to get even more gift cards and cash back checks! Of note, I got many gift cards to use during a recent vacation in Hawaii. If you take a look at What Are Combination Techniques, you will see 2 free gift cards that I used in in Hawaii.


I would use this option for non-perishable items because I’m picky about perishables.

  • When purchasing online, remember to upload eCoupons PRIOR to making any purchases. Also check for any online coupons the supermarket offers that you can apply to your total.
  • Just as supermarkets offer weekly sales, as more supermarkets begin to offer the option to purchase online, they are also offering weekly sales (different from the weekly circular). Be sure to check for the best prices or best deals and order those items from that (or those) supermarket(s).
  • Remember to connect your customer loyalty card to the supermarket website


    Also remember to connect your customer loyalty card number on the supermarket website.


  • Remember to check your rewards program to increase the amount of points or cash back that you will earn when you purchase supermarket items online.
  • Log into your rewards program, order the items you want, request the items be shipped to the supermarket where you will be going anyway (to avoid shipping charges), and pay for the order with a credit card that offers either points or cash back


Task List

TAKE ACTION: Check out some of the online grocers listed here and then find out if your favorite supermarket offers online purchasing.

Amazon Grocery  ExPatExpress  Fresh Direct

Go Bio Food         Netgrocer          Safeway        ShopFoodEx

ShopRite              US Grocer         Walmart





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