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Fuel Rewards Network

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Fuel Rewards Network is a FREE loyalty program that rewards you for purchasing things that you get regularly such as shopping online, dining out, supermarket purchases, using eCoupons, referring family, friends, and co-workers to this great program. The more you use the Fuel Rewards program, the more money that is deducted from the cost of a gallon of gasoline as you fill put gas in your car!


All you need to do is to link the credit cards that you use to this program so that when you pay at the register, your rewards are automatically calculated. Then, when you put gasoline in your car, you simply swipe your Fuel Rewards Network card BEFORE you put gasoline in your car and the rewards you have accumulated will be deducted from each gallon of gasoline.


Please consider using the links provided here so that I get referral credits (rather than typing the URL into a web browser search field). This will not affect your savings in any way; however, I will receive referral credits that I can use to realize my own goal/dream, which is to supplement my retirement social security check so that I can continue to be “Traveling Nana”.


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TAKE ACTION: Check out Fuel Rewards Network to find out for yourself the benefits that you will realize by using merchants that are affiliated with this program.





Updated: August 8, 2015 — 9:25 pm

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