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Gas Advantage Programs



Many gasoline stations have gas advantage programs designed to encourage you to use their stations.  Although programs are most likely free to join, many of the programs are regional throughout the United States.  Therefore, before you provide any information to any advantage program, click on their links to find participating gas stations.  Each program works a little differently; however, the end result is usually getting cents of gasoline.  Therefore, if any of the programs are in the region where you live, it is another way to save money or get free items.

Fuel Rewards Network

I belong to this program.  This is a free loyalty program that provides rewards in a variety of ways.  I really like this one because even if I do not use any of the additional perks, I can simply swipe my card at the gas station and automatically get cents off every gallon.  The number of cents off varies.  However, I do not need to buy anything or accumulate dollar amounts of purchasing gasoline in order to get the cents off gasoline.

If you decide to use Fuel Rewards Network, please use this link so that I get the referral credits: Fuel Rewards Network.  This will not affect your savings in any way; however, I will receive referral credits that I can use to help realize my own goal, which is to supplement my retirement with my website, eBooks, and published books so that I can continue to be “Traveling Nana”.  Thank you!

You will need to enter your contact information and link the credit card(s) that you use when you get gas for your car.  The next time you need gas for your car, go to a participating Shell gas station, swipe your Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) card BEFORE you swipe your credit card, swipe your credit card, and then put gas in your car.  Your rewards will automatically be deducted from every gallon of gas that you put into your car.  This rewards program only works with participating Shell gas stations.

NOTE: all participating Shell gas stations will have an option at the pump that prompts you to swipe your Fuel Rewards Network card before swiping your credit card.

  • If you go inside to pay, then give the gas station attendant your FRN card so he/she can swipe it before swiping your charge card payment (or cash, if you pay by cash).  That is it.  You will automatically get a discount off every gallon of gasoline!

You can increase the amount of discount you get per gallon by logging into your FRN account and using any of the links to EARN other rewards.  Featured offers are for limited time so you need to check the deals periodically.  You can earn points with dining, travel, and online shopping.  The selections are limited.  However, even if you do not take advantage of any of the extras, you still get points off every gallon of gasoline at participating Shell gas stations.

Other Gas Advantage Programs

I found some other gas advantage programs on

  • BP Driver Rewards: You can earn 10-cents off per gallon of gasoline (up to 20 gallons) for every $100 spent on BP fuel at participating locations.  Rewards are valid for single use only, up to 20 gallons of gas.  Unused rewards will be forfeited.  Rewards expire 365 days after the end of the month they are earned.  Be sure to check out their Terms and Conditions before you join the program.  That tip (checking Terms and Conditions) goes for all programs that you join – not just gasoline advantage programs.
  • Exxon Mobile SpeedPass Plus App: After you install the app on your smartphone, launch the app and select “Pay for Fuel” find your pump number. Select the one that corresponds to your pump, and authorize the transaction.
    • Exxon Mobile Return and Earn: Earn fuel discounts you can see instantly.  Simply swipe your return and earn loyalty card when making select fuel, in-store or car wash purchases at participating Exxon- or Mobil-branded service stations to earn cents off per gallon of gas. Each time you visit and make a purchase, your rewards will stack up. When you’re ready to redeem, you’ll see instant price rollbacks at pump.
  • Speedway Speedy Rewards: Find participating Speedway stores.  Earn on food, to drinks, Speedy Rewards Clubs, fuel savings, Partner Points, and Speedy Rewards Mall.  Redeem your points using their mobile app or at the kiosk that is in participating stores and receive a coupon for your selected reward.  Then present your digital or printed coupon at check-out to get your free stuff.
  • Sunoco APLUS Rewards: Pick up a free APlus Rewards card at participating Sunoco stations.  Swipe your card at the register whenever you shop at APlus.  Specially marked items will earn you discounts on fuel.  Redeem your discounts at the pump: insert your APlus Rewards card at the pump and watch the price of fuel drop.
    • Sunoco Grocery Rewards: Turn your regular grocery shopping trip into savings at Sunoco.  Sunoco’s Grocery Rewards lets you use your grocery store’s loyalty card to help you earn savings on Sunoco gasoline.  Participating grocery stores are currently listed here; however, the link I provided for this category should be checked to ensure the stores are still participating.  ACME, Shaws Gas, Star Market, Safeway, Shop N Save, Price Chopper, and Redner’s.
  • Tom Thumb Rewards: Earn 1 point for every dollar spent at participating grocery stores.  Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on qualifying gift cards.  Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on pharmacy items. Rewards can be spent at participating Chevron and Texaco gas stations.  Be sure to click on both the Gas Stations and Stores link because Safeway is also included in this.
  • Wawa Rewards: Purchase a Wawa gift card at any participating Wawa store and register the gift card with the rewards program.  The Wawa Rewards Program lets you earn Wawa rewards coupons for every U.S. $50 spent on eligible purchases at Wawa stores using a registered Wawa Gift Card.  For more information about Wawa Gift Cards, please refer to the Wawa Gift Card Rules and Wawa Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions.

TAKE ACTION: Check out some of the Gas Advantage Programs to learn if any are in your region.

If you have learned any tricks or tips from my website, and if you do use Fuel Rewards Network, please use my referral link. Your rewards will not be reduced or affected in any way.  However, I will earn referral credits so that I can continue working from my home during my retirement.  Also, so that I can continue to be “Traveling Nana”.




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