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Use a credit card that accumulates double points for day-to-day products and services (such as groceries). At the very least, use a credit card that pays single points or cash back on groceries.


Disclaimer: Getting cash back or earning double rewards points when paying for groceries is one area that requires you to be disciplined. This tip ONLY works to your benefit when you pay your credit card in full EVERY MONTH or you will end up paying interest on the items that you purchase, which defeats the purpose of paying with a credit card. If you cannot pay the credit card in full every month, then use your debit card or checking account and set this step as a goal so that you can take advantage of this step in the future. Use this technique based on your skills and situation. I assume no responsibility for any interest or penalties applied to your credit card account.


Use a credit card that provides rewards

Credit Card

To pay the best way, you need to know whether the credit card you use to pay for your groceries has a rewards program and if so, whether rewards are paid out in points or cash back. If the rewards are in points, which credit card provides double points for purchasing groceries? Some credit card companies entice you to use their card for normal day-to-day items by offering double points for things such as paying utilities, buying gasoline for your car, and buying groceries. Make it a point to know exactly what your credit card rewards are and also what penalties are involved if you go over your credit limit. Also, learn when to make the payment to avoid accruing interest and be sure pay prior to that date.


TIP: calculate your savings in percentages rather than money spent. The reason is because cost of living continues to grow. The percentage never changes.


One final tool in this section that you might find useful is the CPI Inflation Calculator.


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This is the final step in the 10 Step Supermarket Combination Technique series. Even if you only use some of the steps BEFORE you purchase anything, you will save money. You control how much money you want to save off your food budget by how much time and effort you want to invest in learning the steps.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this 10-Step Supermarket Combo Technique, once you learn all of the steps that are of interest to you, it will only take you 10-15 minutes prior to getting your groceries in order to save up to 35% off your food budget.


Pay the best way and find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

My Pot at Rainbow’s End

NOTE: I have been doing this long enough now that I only spend 5-10 minutes prior to my monthly shopping trip. I started with a 2-week menu and have worked it up to the point where I only go grocery shopping once a month with short pit stops for perishable items.


I also have gotten my savings up to 42% off what I used to spend on my food budget!


I have paid 100% for several vacations (the most recent LARGE vacation was June 2014 to Hawaii for 12 days) by using all of my combination techniques (see below).


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If the info provided in these 10 steps were helpful, check out Frugal Basics, Free is 4 Me, or O4Us for more ways to save money. Or, for organizational and time management tips, check out Sort


Task List

TAKE ACTION #1: find the perks that your credit card company offers for the credit cards you have. Do any of the credit cards you have offer double points for supermarket purchases? I offer a wide variety of credit card comparison tools in my Utility Bills Combination technique.


Task List

TAKE ACTION #2: when was the last time you contacted your credit card company to inquire about a reduction in the interest rate they charge or to find out what new perks they offer and if you can participate? Many credit card companies have regular perks or marketing offers; however, THEY will rarely contact you to offer those programs. YOU must contact them to inquire.


  • Step One: locate the phone number on the back of your credit card for Customer Service
  • Step Two: call each of your credit card companies to find out what programs they are currently offering
  • Step Three: set up a task reminder to check on this every 6 months or 1 year
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