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What Are Combination Techniques?



Combination Techniques are a series of steps that you can take BEFORE you buy anything (services or products), so that you can get those items and services for less money than you normally spend.

It takes some work to get set up and there is a learning curve. However, you only need to complete the steps to get set up one time. After the preliminary work is done, the rest is a piece of cake.

It costs nothing to set up the process other than some of your time.  This is not a “get rich quick” scheme.  I just decided to find ways to spend less for the stuff I need, use, and buy regularly so I can put the money I save into traveling and doing some fun things with life.  You do not need to buy anything or join any clubs.  You do not need to spend hours matching coupons to items, although you can use coupons, which will increase the amount of money you can save.  In fact, using coupons is one of the 10 different steps that I used for my food budget. You just need to have a computer, have Internet access, know what free programs are out there to help you accumulate  savings, and use some creative accounting techniques.

Free Gift Cards

You can save significant money with purchasing things online, traveling & vacations, entertainment & dining out, and utilities & gasoline for your car.  Each subject takes different types of techniques and free programs; however, you still do not need to purchase anything or spend any money to save money.  You just combine a bunch of different programs, tips, and tricks.  You can increase the amount of money you save with some creative accounting.  Everything is perfectly legal.  You just need to think outside of the box and use your payment method to benefit YOU rather than the banks!  All of that must be done BEFORE spending any money,

Using my Combination Techniques, I now spend 42% less on my food budget than I did before I started getting serious about saving a significant amount of money.

– – – One Day Avis Rental Invoice

To illustrate what I mean by saving “significant money”: it took me 1 1/2 years of planning and using a variety of Combination Techniques; however, I was able to save enough money to almost completely pay for a 2-week vacation in Hawaii (air travel, rental cars, hotel bills, food, restaurants, and souvenirs).  I also paid for all of my granddaughter’s restaurant and food bills and her souvenirs.  The air travel alone was $1,200.  I took a variety of free gift cards with me (see above examples) and the invoice on the right is a copy of an Avis car rental bill for one day.  We had a rental car for the entire time we were in Hawaii.  This invoice was just for one day (creative techniques!). The invoice started out at $119.50 for one day; however, I only paid $8.17.

By the way, although the photo at the top of my website is spread out, that photo was taken from the balcony of our hotel room.  My point in telling you that is we stayed at two very nice hotels and had prime locations at both hotels.

When you get a service or product for less money than you spent in the past, you can put the money you save toward retirement, going on vacations, all sorts of entertainment, buying those big ticket items on your wish list, or just stashing it in a savings account for a rainy day.

I hope you try some of the tips & tricks that I offer and even combining those tips & tricks and see how much money you can save.  I would love it if you would leave a comment to tell me how much money you save and if you have other suggestions to add to the process to increase the savings even more.

My warmest regards,

Jeanne (AKA: Traveling Nana)



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