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Save money now by using FREE programs that already exist to get the services and products that you do in your day-to-day life with less money using these tips from Sort~N~Save. The more programs that you combine BEFORE making a purchase, the more money you will save. It’s that simple. It’s all perfectly legal and you don’t need to buy anything.

There is a learning curve and it does take time to learn the process and to set things up. Once everything is set up, you never have to set it up again and you’re ready to start to Save Money Now!


I will show you how to include “Combination TechniquesBEFORE you pay for those products or services so that you end up saving money. The more steps you include, the more money you can save. It’s all in the way you do it and how many steps you combine in the process. It’s that simple.

Start with the obvious, and easiest ways that require no learning curve. The tips inside Minimize Food Waste are not part of the 10 Step Supermarket Combination Technique.

Minimize Food Waste

Avoid Trashing Food

If you and your family never toss any food into the trash, skip this section. However, if you do, you will find many tips, tricks, and resources in this section to minimize food waste. Make a list of items/products that you use on a regular basis. Use the list you create to know what items you should stock up on as you find great sales.


  • Mouthwash usually goes on sale during “flu season”. If this is one item that you normally use and it does not go bad or expire, purchase enough for a full year.
  • Canned beans (black, pink, white, and kidney) are one item that are always put on an amazing discount during a regular “super sale” run by 2 supermarkets in my area. Since canned items have a shelf life of 1-2 years, I always purchase enough beans to last the full year (when the same sales will happen again the following year).
  • An even more frugal way to get legumes that is also healthier and even taste better is to buy dried beans. Watch for an article during National Food Month about the benefits of dried legumes, how to store them, ways to cook them, and a variety of ways to serve them.
  • Brown sugar and confectioners’ sugar go on sale around Halloween and Thanksgiving so I purchase enough for the entire year. When you re-package and store brown sugar appropriately, it will remain soft for the full year.
    • My granddaughter told me to put a piece of plastic wrap over the top of a jar before screwing on the lid to the jar and that helps keep air out. She’s right. Although the brown sugar settles a little in the jar, when I use it months later, all I have to do is to shake the jar and the brown sugar fluffs back again.
    • The brown sugar is not as fine as when it is fresh; however, I use brown sugar mainly for baking and cooking, so this is perfect for me. I like getting it cheaper around the winter holidays and using it in the summer and fall.
  • Re-purpose Non-Perishable Post-Holiday Items. I happily buy these kinds of items from the clearance shelves at 75% off the regular price right after holidays and re-purpose them. I cannot even get the ingredients for that price!

Example: a package of red pancake or quick bread mix from Valentine’s Day can be served for July 4th or Christmas.

The trick to this? Stash them in your freezer for 2-3 weeks (to kill the larvae that is in all flour products so bugs do not form) or up to a year in the freezer (add this item to your freezer inventory). Just be sure to let the package come to room temperature before using.

The above are just some examples. There are many other examples. In fact, please consider leaving a comment with your own suggestions so everyone can share.


Updated: October 23, 2017 — 3:33 pm

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