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15 Minute Deep Clean Blender Project



I use a variety of “Mighty Minnies” as organizational techniques. Rather than cleaning an entire room in one swell foop, I schedule a variety of 15 minute times and complete just one item for each of those 15 minute increments.

Mighty Minnie

For this Mighty Minnie, I thought I would detail how I clean my blender.  I LOVE using my blender to make a variety of smoothies, Italian fruit ices, pesto recipes, and sauces.  Therefore, it is really important that my blender be thoroughly cleaned to avoid nasty salmonella from growing from leftover food particles.

Although I clean my blender after every use by putting some Dawn dish detergent and water in the blender container, put the top on, and use the pulse button to swish it around the inside of the blender container. Next, I wipe the outside of the blender container with the dish detergent/water solution and let it drain dry.

FYI: I use Dawn dish detergent exclusively because I learned many years ago when I worked at the Delaware TriState Bird Rescue that Dawn is great at removing grease and oil.  Not only that but it only takes a tiny amount of Dawn dish detergent.  Before I switched to Dawn, I had to buy dish detergent much more often than I do now.

Before you say that Dawn is much more expensive than other dish detergents, in addition to the fact that it takes much less than other dish detergents, I only buy Dawn when it is on sale.  Sometimes, dollar stores put the large economy size containers (24 oz. and 38 oz.) of Dawn on sale and frequently, CVS Pharmacy puts the small size (9 oz.) Dawn on sale for about $1.00.  I get the large size from dollar stores and small size from CVS and refill the small size containers from the large size.


Supplies and Tools Needed

  • Soft cloth *
  • Q-Tips
  • Olive Oil
  • Skin So Soft or Dawn Dish Detergent
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda to make a paste **
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Blow dryer ***


*  I cut worn out flannel PJs or nightgowns, towels, soft/cotton clothing, etc. into different size “rags” rather than trashing those items

** For food items that are stuck on the base, I make a paste of vinegar and baking soda; rub the paste on the stuck on food items, and wipe with one of my rags

*** I use this if the area around the base fan has dust and other particles around the fan blades


NOTE: I regularly use vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide so I always have it around home. If you are interested in how I store hydrogen peroxide so that it already has the spray mechanism on the bottle while keeping the integrity of the liquid, see the article I published on January 29, 2015: 14 Cheap, Environmentally Safe Cleaning Tips.  A 16 oz. bottle of hydrogen peroxide costs less than one dollar.

Blender Assembly

  1. Take the blender assembly apart
  2. Dip the Q-tip into the vinegar and baking soda paste and carefully dab/wipe the paste around and between the control buttons.  You may need to carefully rub areas that have stuck on food items more than other areas the first time you do this
  3. Use a part of the soft cloth to wipe away the paste and dirt
  4. Wet another Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the Q-tip over the entire area between the buttons.  CAUTION: do not get the Q-tip too wet because the electronics that are under the buttons do not work when wet and you will destroy the blender
    • NOTE: hydrogen peroxide disinfects the area
  5. Turn the base over so you can blow out any particles or food pieces that might be stuck in the fan area.  CAUTION:  do NOT submerge the base in water or get it wet.  Electronics do not work when wet
  6. Make a solution of Dawn and water
  7. Dismantle the lid, funnel, and lid insert from the top of the container and also the drive socket, blades, and rubber gasket from the bottom of the container
  8. Wash each of the parts in the Dawn and water solution
  9. Dry each part thoroughly
  10. Spray some hydrogen peroxide onto the electrical cord and clean with the soft cloth
  11. Rub a little olive oil on the rubber basket before you re-assemble the drive socket, rubber gasket, and blades.  Screw the base back on the blender container
  12. Reassemble the lid, funnel, and lid insert and put it back on the blender container
    • According to Bright Nest, it is best to fully assemble the unit to prevent dirt, dust, or food particles from getting inside the blender when it is not in use
  13. Insert the container assembly into the blender base


All of the above can be done in 15 minutes or less.



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