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August Organizational Tasks and Tips Intro



A great time management tip that I regularly use is to learn to be proactive rather than to constantly react to issues as they arise.  By being proactive, you can resolve many tasks before they become issues.

Example is if your kids will need supplies to complete a project, if you know what items they will need, in advance, you can get those items while you are doing other shopping trips rather than making a special trip to get the items.  By incorporating those items into your normal trips, you save gas, can sometimes get the items on sale, and save time.


During the last week of each month, I review the tasks that will need to be done in the next month.  In fact, I also do a quarterly, semi-annual, and annual review so that I can spread out involved tasks and expensive items throughout the year.  That is the one way that I was finally able to pay for some services on an annual basis, thereby saving the monthly service fee that most companies charge if you pay monthly.

Another thing that I ALWAYS build into completing housework and chores is to build having fun into my schedule.  I absolutely HATE doing housework!!! It is a necessary evil and has to be done; however, by incorporating fun awareness days and weeks as well as festivals and food challenges into my monthly schedule, the housework becomes a little more palatable.

Please check the August Tasks and Tips webpage in the SORT section of my website for ideas that you can use.  You will have different tasks and chores as well as different festivals in your area.  My example is just a starting point.  As I always do, I included the references that I use into the text to get you started researching items that are of interest to you.


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