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Do you have a variety of kitchen utensils: serving spoons, a variety of different types of spatulas (metal flippers, fish spatulas, baking, silicone, icing, etc.), whisks, graters, knife sharpeners, and the list goes on and on?

Are those utensils within easy reach of where you need them, when you need them? Or do you have to turn off the stove burner and rummage through a drawer to try and find the one utensil that you need?

That used to be me until one day, I had washed a serving spoon that I was going to use in the next recipe, which was partially underway, and I just happened to have a large flower vase on a nearby table.  I put the dripping wet serving spoon (that I was using as a stirring spoon) into the vase with the bowl of the spoon at the top and the handle in the bottom.

I also had a icing spatula that I had also washed and I put it in the vase, too.  I suddenly noticed how easy it was to see the utensils instantly.

Just for fun, I put a handful of different utensils into the vase and voila! It was a snap to instantly see the utensil that I wanted.  What’s more, the glass vase made it heat-proof, so I put it on the counter right next to my stove.

I am not talking about expensive floral vases but rather the kind that you find all at garage sales and flea markets.  I also have a pitcher that came with a set of dishes.  I never use the pitcher, so I put my smaller utensils in it and it works great.


Have a look.

Kitchen Utensils Storage

Pitcher Utensils Storage

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