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November Tasks and Tips Intro



Autumn FoodsHave you ever completed a MAJOR QUICK CLEAN of your home when you know someone will be stopping by and you do not want them to see your house all in a mess?  You can avoid conducting a super power cleanup by being proactive and work short bursts of pickup and cleaning your home into a regular schedule.  That is why I used a monthly task list.

However, because I absolutely HATE housework, I always mix having some fun built into my schedule because incorporating a variety of monthly events, festivals, awareness campaigns, food challenges, places to visit around home, etc. makes the housework a little more palatable.

Please check the November Tasks and Tips webpage in the SORT section of my website for ideas that you can use.  I always do a lot of research to find fun facts and history about some of the events and awareness days.  That makes each month list a little long; however, I assume that you will simply skim the days of each month and only pick out the items that you find meaningful.  I also provide a much shorter list of tasks at the beginning of the page, followed by the list with all the histories, references, fun tips, etc.  My examples are just a starting point.  You will have different tasks and chores as well as different festivals in your area and different tasks that are important to you.  Therefore, replace my tips with your own.  The point is to make a list that is useful for you.

Some of the events that are incorporated into the November Organizational Tasks are below:


  • National Pecan Month
  • Veterans’ Day
  • National Pomegranate Month
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday

.Autumn Berries and Leaves


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