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Brown Sugar Mighty Minnie

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Brown Sugar Mighty Minnie

Because this is the time of year when those baking supplies go on sale, it is a perfect time for this Mighty Minnie.

Around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday lots of baking items go on sale.  Until I learned this tiny trick, I bought brown sugar only to find that several months later it had become as hard as a rock, which meant that I actually wasted money because I bought it when it was on sale to use throughout the year.

Baking Ingredients

I tried buying the smaller boxes of brown sugar; however, the wax paper that the brown sugar is in inside the box was not airtight and it got hard.

I tried buying it in the 32 ounce plastic packages, thinking that the plastic would keep it soft.  Not!

I tried putting it in the freezer, like I do flour; however, the only result of that was a cold hard rock!

Next, I tried pouring it into one of my quart canning jars and putting several layers of plastic wrap on and then screwing on the lid.  That did not work either.

However, I finally found my Ah-Ha moment.  This trick really does work.  I’m actually using the brown sugar that I purchased last January (closeout sales) and it is still as soft as it was when I purchased it.

The trick?  Simply put the entire plastic 32 ounce package into a Ziploc-type bag.  I use the ones with the double zip just to be certain that no air at all can get into the bag and voila!

It stays soft – for months and months.


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