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How to Save Time and Money with a Clothespin

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I LOVE using Mighty Minnies.  You know – those tasks or tips that take next to no time at all and yet save loads of time or lots of money?

Some of the Mighty Minnies that I have used for years have become so much of a habit and part of my life that I do not even think about them anymore.

This tip is one of those examples.  Many times when I was visiting my son and daughter-in-law and after dinner the question was always asked as they were clearing the table about whether the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or dirty.  Someone would open the dishwasher and check the dishes before responding that they were either clean or dirty.

Clothespin and Dishwasher

It still never dawned on me until my granddaughter (Sami) was visiting my home and she commented on the clothespin that I use to prop my dishwasher door open after the dishes have completed the wash cycle.  Sami made the comment about how much easier it is to just LOOK at the dishwasher and immediately know that the dishes were clean.  If there is no clothespin, the dishes are dirty.


Only then did I actually wonder about how much money and time that I have saved by using this one simple tip over the past 35 years!!!

How you might ask? When my dishwasher has finished the two wash cycles, I stop the dishwasher, quickly open the door and shake the top and bottom racks to shake off the water, and be sure no containers are right-side up and holding water, and then close the door and prop it open slightly with the clothespin.  Then, the next morning, I open the dishwasher and put the dry and clean dishes away.

True – it only takes about 15 seconds to open the dishwasher to check if the dishes are clean or dirty and the amount of money that I save by not running the heat-dry cycle is only pennies for each load of dishes.

However, keep in mind that I use MANY, MANY Mighty Minnies, which means those pennies and minutes add up throughout the year.  For this one example:

  • 15 Seconds to check if they are clean times 12-14 times each week after each breakfast and dinner (I bring my lunch to work) times the dishwasher being run once each week equals between 2.5 – 3 hours for each year or between 91 to 106 hours over the past 35 years.  That is versus about 15 seconds ONCE each week to open the dishwasher, shake the racks and check to make sure nothing is holding water, which equals one-quarter of an hour each year and about 7.5 hours over the past 35 years.

Saving Time and Money

  • According to the Simple Dollar article about how much it costs to run a dishwasher, I pulled out just the part that equals the electricity, since I do use the wash cycles. It costs approximately $0.17 to run a load of dishes divided by 3 (2 cycles and 1 dry cycle) to get how much I save with just the dry cycle times one time each week times 52 weeks equals approximately $2.95 each year or $103 for the past 35 years that I saved by using a simple clothespin, which avoids the necessity of heat drying the dishes.  Also, those dishes are actually dryer the next morning with my clothespin method than they are after the heat dry cycle because you do not open the door to shake off the water captured in indentations of dishes or cups or items that flipped to be right side up (plastic containers), thereby holding water during the wash cycles.

Now that is my idea of a win/win situation!


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Please share your tips to save time or money.

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