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Popcorn Dog Rattle



I just love it when I find great bargains that my dog will love. I love it even more when I can make those items from stuff that I normally would recycle or trash. One toy that many dogs LOVE, and that is almost free, is a “rattle”.

You will need the following:

Popcorn Dog Rattle

1 empty water bottle

1/4 cup of popcorn kernels

1 sock or piece of fake fur

10 – 12 inches of rope or twine

  • Make sure the empty water bottle is completely dry
  • Pour the popcorn kernels in the dry bottle and put the top back on
  • Insert the bottle with kernels into a sock or a tube-like sleeve
  • Tie shut with the rope or twine making sure to leave enough rope or twine that your dog can use to fling the “rattle”


I have laughed until my sides hurt as I watched Bijou, my Shih Tzu, play with her rattle. She throws it up in the air and then lets go.  When I use canvas-type ribbon, I make it very short and she shakes the “rattle” back and forth so it slaps both sides of her head as she growls at it.



If you make this, please leave a comment with your dog’s reaction.




Updated: August 8, 2015 — 7:24 pm

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