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Unexpected Lessons



Many times throughout my lifetime, things that were planned did happen; however, not anything at all near what I had initially planned.  And, surprisingly, there was a heart-tugging, warm & fuzzy, or completely unexpected lesson learned.

Creative Learning

I have a very dear friend whom I turn to on a regular basis to help whittle the number of words that I have in a blog post because I tend to write like I talk and she has a gift of whittling the words down to a more reasonable number of words for the post.

Sharyl suggested that rather than including some of the stories that I relay in upcoming blog posts, because the stories made the post too wordy, that I set up a separate webpage and include those warm & fuzzy stories or lessons that I unexpectedly learned.

I hope you enjoy this section and I invite you to share your own stories.  If the story is too long to leave as a comment, please email your stories to me at and I post them in a Guest Authors webpage with your contact information.


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Updated: October 24, 2017 — 6:58 pm

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