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I want to share another example of a major issue that I encountered with my son (Bryan) when he was about 9 years old.  The kids at school made fun of Bryan when he brought his lunch to school and it had “No Frills” items to school in his lunch.

No frills items were much cheaper at supermarkets because they were packed in cans and boxes that were white with black printing on them and only a red and blue stripe on it.  The cost of “no frills” items was significantly less than brand names..

The end result was he refused to take lunch to school.  Buying lunches was not an option because at that time, there were not subsidies in school that paid for food for low income families and I could not stretch the money I made any farther.

I called my Mother, who is from the Traditionalist generation, in tears, and asked her advice on how to get around this obstacle because she lived through the Great Depression.  In fact, she raised my brother and me by using the same tricks that she used with us when we were young.

She suggested that I continue to buy the No Frills articles; however, get one more No Frills item: ice cream cones (the type with the flat bottoms).  She told me to take the No Frills items out of the boxes (mini marshmallows, raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.) and pour them into the ice cream cones, cover with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band.

Snacks Using No Frills Items

The surprise?  Bryan took the newly “manufactured” (still No Frills) items to school and not only did the peer pressure cease, but he also found a way to capitalize on it.  He became an entrepreneur – – – he SOLD them to the other kids for a quarter!

Did you catch that?  He sold the same No Frills items to the very kids who had made fun of him!!!

After he had his “business” going, I finally told him that the snacks that he was taking to school, and was selling to the same kids who made fun of him previously, was still “No Frills”!


NOTE: a quarter in 1985 would be approximately $2.50 today


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